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Supporting local communities

DKSH corporate social responsibility

Throughout our history, being a responsible corporate citizen has been the foundation of our success. At DKSH, we do business in a way that is profitable while also taking care of and having a positive impact on society.

As we are deeply rooted in the communities we serve, we actively engage in a wide range of local initiatives. DKSH encourages and empowers its local entities to initiate their own as well as cooperate in regional or Group-wide initiatives that may be centered on infrastructure development, disaster recovery, environmental programs, education or philanthropic projects.

Along with growing our business, we contribute to the development of infrastructures and promotion of economic development across Asia. As a company with a long-term focus, we offer employment security and provide stability to local communities. With us, local talents in Asia receive training, knowledge and opportunities to develop themselves within an international environment. Our capillary distribution network enhances the quality of life of millions of people as we distribute consumer goods and healthcare products to meet their daily needs.

In 2014, we continued to demonstrate this commitment to local communities through new and existing initiatives. These projects include donating Christmas presents to disadvantaged children in Taiwan, sponsoring a rugby day with disadvantaged and disabled children in Cambodia, preparing and distributing food to the needy in Hong Kong and organizing the Fantree Club-Alladdin charity run 2014 in Malaysia raising funds for welfare homes for the elderly and underprivileged children.

  • Sustainability initiative in Myanmar

    Engaging with children in Myanmar

    In Myanmar, DKSH employees demonstrated their engagement to their local community by taking part in a day trip to the Witharkhar orphanage. This nunnery school looks after orphans and provides them, as well as other children in the local area, with a monastic education. 40 employees volunteered to organize this special day for nearly 100 children. The activities emphasized the importance of education and environmental topics. It was a special day for all involved.

  • Reducing CO2 emissions in Vietnam

    As DKSH is deeply rooted in the local communities, the company strives to reduce adverse impacts on society and environment. DKSH Vietnam won an award from INSEE Ecocycle, a leading waste management company in Vietnam, for having achieved a greenhouse gas emission reduction of 82 tCO2e in 2016. DKSH’s distribution centers were honored for their contribution towards environmental protection in Vietnam. DKSH uses one of the most socially and environmentally responsible methods for healthcare-related waste: the method of co-processing means that instead of only burning and decomposing waste, energy and raw materials are recovered during the destruction processes. This reduces CO2 emissions substantially and results in zero ash disposal. DKSH is very proud of this operational achievement which contributes to a better environment in Vietnam.

  • DKSH supports Right to Play

    Giving children the Right to Play

    Since 2006, DKSH has been an avid supporter of the global organization Right to Play. Right to Play uses the transformative power of play to educate and empower children and youth. DKSH supports a program that the organization operates in Thailand which aims for the holistic development of children and youth in selected schools, youth centers and surrounding communities by using sport and play-based learning activities. This program is carried out in collaboration with the Thai Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice.

  • DKSH-CCC funfair

    Providing medical care for people in need

    DKSH’s Customer Care Center (CCC) in Thailand organized an activity named the “DKSH-CCC funfair.” The money raised during the activity was donated to the Princess Mother's Medical Volunteer Foundation to purchase medical devices. This organization, founded under the royal patronage of the Princess Mother, is the largest volunteer medical service operating in Thailand. Established in 1969, the Foundation pioneered the development of free medical care for people in distant areas. At present, the Foundation has a network of medical teams operating in more than 50 provinces of the country.

  • Tokyo skyscraper

    Helping Japan’s earthquake victims

    The Fantree Scholarship was established in response to the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami of March 2011 and is awarded to students orphaned by the disaster who need assistance to continue their education. The fund was contributed to by business partners and employees from around the world, with all donations matched by the DKSH Group. This scholarship helps support the students’ education financially without obligation for a maximum term of seven years until they graduate from college. To date, seven of the students have successfully entered university and three are currently in high school.