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FSM 900 series

Upgrade version for 128 series;

Up to 900C;

Non-Contact Laser Scanning Technology;

Thermal Desorption, Film Shrinkage, Reflectivity, and Resistivity options;

NEW: Optional wafer rotation offers unique 2D/3D mapping.

Product description

Stress Hysteresis in vacuum or gas up to 900C for the study of annealing cycles. Thermal Desorption, Film Shrinkage, Reflectivity, and Resistivity options provide additional insight to causes of material changes with temperature. NEW: Optional wafer rotation offers unique 2D/3D mapping to study wafer deformation as a function of temperature.

Special Features

Fully automated cassette to cassette system for 300mm wafers. SECS/GEM option.

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics

Technical Specification

1. Proven platform in semiconductor for stress mapping.

2. Stable, accurate and fast.

3. Up to 900C

Contact Us

Room Unit 605-607, Build 2, Xinglian Building,
No.1535 Hongmei Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
TEL: 021-5383 8811

FAX: 021-3367 8466
Frontier Semiconductor (FSM)FSM is a leading semiconductor metrology equipment manufacturer specialized in optical instrumentation for automated stress and thickness measurement systems, as well as adhesion tester and electrical tests. We are located in San Jose, CA with offices in all major semiconductor locations around the world. Our customers include all major front end and back end semiconductor fabs. We also serve solar, LED, and other semiconductor related industries, as well as universities and research centers.
[FSM, 900, 900C, 2D, 3D, Thermal Desorption, Film Shrinkage, Reflectivity]