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HAIMER - Cutting tools - Power Mill / Basic Mill / Safe-Lock™ / Duo-Lock™

The HAIMER Power Mill series from diameter 6 mm to 20 mm respectively, is by default equipped with the well-known Safe-Lock™ shank. Convince yourself and unite best runout accuracy, vibration-free running and best cutting parameters with absolute process reliability due to the patented Safe-Lock™ system by using HAIMER tool holders and end mills. For entry at a more reasonable price point, you can look to our Basic Mill line.

Available models

Power Collet Chuck with Safe-LockTM
Power Shrink Chuck with Safe-LockTM
Maximum metal removal rate and best surface finish without risk of pullout
66 % more tool life with Safe-Lock™ compared to Weldon
Slot milling
Pocket milling
Work piece:
Titanium block
1.2312/40CrMnMoS 8-6, 40 HRC
Mazak FH7800
Machine tool:
HSK-A 100
HSK-A 100
Cooling / pressure:
Emulsion/100 bar
Safe-LockTM solid carbide end mill, Z4, Ø20mm
Safe-LockTM solid carbide end mill, Z4, Ø20mm
Cutting data:
ae: 20 mm ap: 20/32,5/35/37,5 mm fz: 0,07 mm vc: 60 m/min
ae: 2 mm ap: 35 mm fz: 0,25 mm vc: 180 m/min

In the Safe-Lock™ (Safe-λock®; S-λ®) System, special drive keys in the chuck and grooves in the tool shank prevent the milling cutter from spinning during extreme machining or that it is pulled out of the chuck.

In addition to the frictional clamping forces of the particular clamping system, the tool is held using positive locking in the tool holder through the constructive design of the Safe-Lock™ System.

The combination of pull-out protection and best runout accuracy lead to a low vibration and as a result very efficient machining.

Due to the increased cutting depths and feeds, the metal removal rate can be increased by up to 100%, and to a similar degree tool wear decreases due to the excellent runout characteristics.

Key Features

  • For High Performance Cutting (HPC)
  • Highly accurate clamping due to shrink fit technology
  • High torque due to form closed clamping
  • No loss of accuracy
  • No pull out of the tool
  • No spinning of the tool
  • No damages on work piece or machine
  • Groove on tool shank is directed so that tool will be pulled into the chuck (depending on direction of rotation)
  • Patent granted: licensing for cutting tool manufacturers possible
  • New: Safe-Lock™ available for shank diammeter 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

Maximum metal removal rate – A quantum leap into the next milling dimension.

With the Power Mill end mill series, HAIMER can provide its tool holders with a universal solid end milling range for the universal use in different materials.

All Power Mill end mill s are fine balanced and by default equipped with the known Safe-Lock™ pull-out protection from 6 mm shank diameter onwards. The Power Mill series is based on a pure high performance solid carbide combined with the most modern coating technology.

The different innovative precision geometries are now available as 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 flute cutters in different cutting lengths. Furthermore, different cutting edge designs (sharp, chamfer, radius, angle) can be selected depending on the workpiece requirements. In addition, a roughing geometry based on the new cord profile for machines with less power and applications with difficult chip removal, is available.


Reduced to the essentials.

Basic Mill solid carbide end mills are reduced to the basics in terms of product characteristics. Therefore they offer a cost effective alternative compared to our Power Mill solid carbide end mills, while ensuring the same HAIMER quality. Basic Mill solid carbide end mills can be used in almost all materials, especially for roughing and finishing.


  • Shank tolerance: h6
  • Neck for higher cutting depth
  • Center cutting
  • Runout < 10 μm
  • With straight shank, Safe-Lock™ or Weldon shank

Breakthrough technology with double cone – Modular milling system of the future.

The Duo-Lock™ technology addresses the issue of the increasing cost of carbide by delivering a modular interface for cutting tool heads. Duo-Lock™ provides maximum stability and load capacity through a proprietary thread design with a double cone bond. The results are unmatched precision and productivity, with a connection that is virtually unbreakable in the most demanding applications.

  • Superior rigidity of the interface that allows for unique d.o.c. capability of up to 1.5xD and 1xD in full slotting.
  • Geometric parameters of the connection have been optimized and thoroughly tested leading to the most robust modular system ever developed.
  • FEA based design ensures that stress levels in the interface remain below critical values even at elevated loads.
  • The double cone surfaces combined with the third contact area in the back delivers high stiffness and accuracy.
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Die & Mould
  • Education & Academics
  • Electronics
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
  • Shipbuilding

Safe-Lock™ - The pull-out protection for your shank cutting tools

In high performance cutting (HPC), it is possible for the cutting tool to become pulled out from the chuck.

The Safe-Lock™ system offers help.

Keys in the chuck grip the grooves in the tool shrank. In addition to the frictional clamping force of the shrink fit chuck, the tool is held using positive locking. As a result, micro-creeping is effectively prevented.

HAIMER Basic Mill - Universal Applications

Duo-Lock® Modular End Mills


HAIMER is a family run, medium sized company located in Igenhausen, Bavaria near Augsburg, Germany. We design, produce and sell innovative, high precision products for metal cutting as well as for other branches including automotive, aerospace, energy, rail and general machining. In addition to our large offering of tool holders in all popular interfaces and lengths, including our shrinking and balancing machines, as well as our 3-D Sensors, solid carbide cutting tools, our product offering now also includes tool presetting machines.

As the European market leader in the area of tool holding technology, with a daily capacity of approx. 2,000 tool holders, keeping the technological edge of our products is very important to us. Because of this, every year we invest between 8 and 10% of our revenue in research and development. Every day we desire to be better and that works perfectly with our corporate philosophy: Quality Wins

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