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Rational SelfCookingCenter® XS E

The SelfCookingCenter® is the only cooking system in the world with 5 Senses. Because it senses, recognizes, thinks ahead, learns from you and even communicates with you.

SelfCookingCenter® can grill, roast, bake, steam, stew, blanch and poach. And it can do that regardless of whether you want to prepare meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, egg dishes, baked goods or desserts whether 30 or several thousand meals. This cooking system is your perfect partner whether you're in the restaurant, hotel, catering or food service industry.

With Efficient CareControl, your SelfCookingCenter® will automatically clean and descale itself and also do this unsupervised

Technical specifications

Technical Info
Lengthwise loading for 2/3, 1/2, 1/3 GN
Capacity (GN-container/grids) 6 x 2/3 GN
Width 655 mm
Depth 555 mm
Height 567 mm
Weight (net) 72 kg
Weight (gross) 90 kg
Water connection (pressure hose) 3/4'' / d 1/2''
Water pressure (flow pressure) 150-600 kPa / 0,15-0,6 Mpa / 1,5 - 6 bar
Water drain DN 40 mm
Connected load electric 5,7 kW
"Steam" connection 5,4 kW
"Hot-air" connection 5,4 kW
Mains connection 3 NAC 400V
Breaker Size / (amp draw) 3x10 A
Cable crossection 5 x 1,5 mm²

*You can contact us for more parameters and product information.


• Cooking appliance for automatically cooking (Automatic mode) meat, poultry, fish, side dishes/vegetables, egg dishes/desserts, bakery products and for automatic finishing®. With an intelligent system for optimising mixed loads in production and in à la carte service as well as a fully automatic cleaning and care system.
• Hot-air steamer (combi-steamer mode) conforming to DIN 18866 for most of the cooking methods used in commercial kitchens for the optional use of steam and hot-air, individually, in succession or in combination.

• Detergent and Care tabs (solid detergents) for optimum working safety
• HACCP data output and software update via the integrated Ethernet and USB port
• Safety temperature limiter for steam generator and hot-air heating
• VDE approved for unsupervised operation
• Maximum rack height 1.60 m for use on an original base cabinet
• Integral fan impeller brake
• Door handle with right/left and slam function

• Remote control function for appliance using software and mobile app
• iCC-Cockpit – graphically supported overview of the current cooking chamber climate, the expected progress of the cooking process, review and forecast as well as options at the end of cooking
• iCC Messenger – informs on current and automatic adjustments to the cooking process
• iCC Monitor – Overview of all automatic adjustments to the cooking process
• 9 self-configurable, user-specific operating display (images, text, etc.)
• Record mode – Determination of the ideal cooking path for calibrated products using the core temperature probe for subsequent use without a core temperature probe, with automatic consideration of load quantity
• Self-teaching operation, automatically adapts to actual usage
• 8.5" TFT color monitor and touch screen with self-explanatory symbols for ease of operation
• Control of multiple appliances from one appliance control panel (appliances must be connected via a network)
• Application and user manuals can be called up on the unit display for the current actions

• Automatic cleaning and care system for cooking cabinet and steam generator works regardless of the water pressure supplied
• 7 cleaning stages for unsupervised cleaning and care - even overnight
• Automatic cleaning and descaling of the steam generator
• Automatic cleaning prompts indicating the cleaning stage and volume of chemicals in relation to the level of soiling
• Soiling and care status are displayed on the monitor
• Diagnostic system with automatic service notices displayed
• Self-Test function for actively checking unit’s functions

• Rear-ventilated triple-glazed cooking cabinet door, two hinged inside panes (for easy cleaning) with a special heat-reflecting coating
• LED cooking cabinet and rack lighting - energy-saving, durable and low-maintenance
• Appliance plinth with surrounding seal
• Lengthwise loading for 2/3, 1/2, 1/3 GN accessories
• Removable, swivel hinging rack with flexible rack options on 11 levels
• Core temperature probe using 6 measuring points with automatic error correction. Positioning aid for core temperature probe included
• Climate management - humidity measured, set and regulated to one percent accuracy. Actual humidity in the cooking cabinet can be set and read on the control panel in Combi-Steamer modes
• Individual Programming of at least 1200 cooking programs with up to 12 steps
• Humidification variable in 3 stages from 86°F–500°F (30°C–260°C) in hot air or combination
• Integrated Ethernet and USB port
• High-performance, fresh-steam generator with automatic descaling
• Dynamic air circulation in cooking cabinet with reversing wheel fan with 5 fan speeds, programmable
• Integral, maintenance-free grease extraction system with no additional grease filter
• Operation without a water softener and without additional descaling
• Cool-down function for fast cabinet fan cooling
• Automatic adaptation to the installation location (height, climate, etc.)
• Material inside and out 304 (DIN 1.4301) stainless steel
• Hand shower with automatic retracting system
• Fixed waste water connection conforming to SVGW requirements where permitted
• Demand-related energy supply
• 5 programmable proofing stages
• Automatic, pre-selected starting time with adjustable date and time


• Recommended left hand clearance for service and maintanance 20" / 500 mm. It must be a minimum of 14” / 350 mm if heat sources are affecting the left side of the unit
• Installations must comply with all local electrical, plumbing and ventilation codes


• Left hinged door
• Potential free contact for operation indication included
• Interface Ethernet
• Safety door lock
• Connection to energy optimising systems + Potential free contact for operation indication included
• Special voltages
• external signal unit connection



• UltraVent XS condensation hood
• Integration kit incl. UltraVent condensation hood
• GN Containers, Trays, Grids
• Stand I
• KitchenManagement System
• CombiGrill® grid / Griddle grid
• Special Cleaner tablets and care tabs
• Signal lamp
• Wall mounting to mount the appliance

  • Food & Beverage
  • Machinery & Manufacturing

Contact Us

26th Floor, West Tower, Hanwei Plaza
No.7 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
TEL: 010-6561 3988
FAX: 010-6561 0278
Room Unit 502, Build 13, Xingan Building,
No.99 Tianzhou Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
TEL: 021-5445 0999
FAX: 021-5445 0958
Room 1213-1215,
12/F Jie Tai Plaza,
218-222 Zhongshan Road, Guangzhou
TEL: 020-8132 0662
FAX: 020-8132 0663
The RATIONAL group The RATIONAL group is the world market and technology leader in the field of hot food preparation for professional kitchens. Founded in 1973, the company employs more than 900 people in Germany and a total of over 1,800 worldwide. It has been the company's supreme corporate objective to always offer its customers maximum benefits. With over 750,000 RATIONAL appliances on the market, our appliances have become a standard in professional kitchens all over the world. And what we're particularly happy about: 93% of our global customers confirm that RATIONAL offers maximum customer benefit. (TNS Infratest 2016 study). Definitely one reason why almost all of them would also recommend RATIONAL.
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