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The chuck repair service is dedicated to wafer chucks damaged in device manufacturing processes to a state equivalent to new using our vast knowledge of ceramics.

• for photolithography on ASML, Nikon, Canon, ...

• for Etching/CVD on Novellus (LAM), SPTS, Anelva, Nissim, ...

Please, consult us for machine compatibilities and designs.


  • Inspection system before and after Refurbishing using a wide array of inspection facilities
  • Ability to completely remove deposits during Refurbishment
  • Ability to produce ceramic spray chucks in addition to ceramic chucks

Outline of wafer chuck regeneration

- Refurbishing chuck surfaces

  • Improvement of surface roughness
  • Restoration of flatness
  • Reshaping of dimples

- Refurbishing degraded sections

  • Rejoining of metal foil and ceramics
  • Refilling of joining layers

- Refurbishing air leaks

  • Replacing O-rings
  • Electronics
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
NTK CeratecNTK Ceratec produce structural ceramics that are used as precision parts and functional parts in devices for semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing, and as abrasion-resistant parts in crushers and similar machinery. In addition, we offer piezoceramics used in manufacturing systems for cars, industrial machinery, semiconductors, and liquid crystals.
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