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The original manufacturing method enhances adhesiveness between porous sections and base sections to achieve sufficient flatness even at boundary sections.

We can provide highly productive and reliable wafer thinning processing and manufacturing requiring whole surface absorption of large sized substrates.

We offer a wide selection of porous bodies with using different materials and pore sizes to cater to user needs.

We can also provide cooling hollow grooves in ceramic bases.
Fixation tools for :

  • Wafer thinning process (grinder, polisher, CMP)
  • Several measuring and inspection devices
  • Processing film sheets and metal substrates
Product number Density g/cm3 Coefficient of elasticity GPa Bending strength MPa Coefficient of thermal expansion ×10-6/K Coefficient of thermal conductivity W/m・K Electrical resistance Ω・cm
Alumina A9951 3.9 390 450 7.3 30 30
Alumina porous - 2.5 55 50 7.4 - 30
Silicon carbide Standard product 3.1 410 500 4.6 170 170
Silicon carbide porous - 2.1 55 50 4.7 - 26
  • Electronics
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
NTK CeratecNTK Ceratec produce structural ceramics that are used as precision parts and functional parts in devices for semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing, and as abrasion-resistant parts in crushers and similar machinery. In addition, we offer piezoceramics used in manufacturing systems for cars, industrial machinery, semiconductors, and liquid crystals.
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