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NIEMANN Technology Machine Coating

Our team specialized in technological industry supports you in your research of equipment for the chemical industry for the manufacture of paint, mastics, resins, varnishes, inks or coating, but also for the cosmetic or food industry.

We offer the following equipment: dispersers, automatic washing machines, solvent regenerators, handling of pulverizers ...

Ours partners

We work with trusted suppliers to provide you innovative technologies and quality equipment for the industry.

Our products offer

Automatic tank washer mobile
Automatic tank washer seals
Automatic tank washer drums

Semi-automatic filling machines (volumetric or gravimetric)

Automatic filling machines (volumetric or gravimetric)

Solvent distillers Distatic Serie (unsing "Rec-Bag" bag)

Solvent distillers Dynamic Serie

Storage system (for storing powders and granules : silos, hoppers, sack tip cabinets, FIBC...)
Dosing system (for metering and controlling the amount of material )
Conveying system (designed to transfer powders or granules from material collection and withdrawing points to product receiving machineries)

Disperser for industry KREISS-DISSOLVER®
Disperser with grinding basket KREISS-BASKET-MILL®
Disperser Butterfly for ultra viscous products KREISS-DISSOLVER-BUTTERFLY®