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InCosmetics Asia 2016 08 Nov 2016 - 10 Nov 2016, BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand
Stand number K30

DKSH Business Unit Performance Materials, a leading Market Expansion Services provider and distributor of personal care and cosmetics will exhibit at InCosmetics Asia in Bangkok, Thailand. The event, which will bring together the personal care and cosmetics industry’s leading companies, developers and experts will be held at BITEC, Bangkok from November 8-10, 2016.

  • DKSH exhibiting at InCosmetics Asia 2016

  • DKSH exhibiting at InCosmetics Asia 2016

  • DKSH exhibiting at InCosmetics Asia 2016

  • DKSH Exhibiting at InCosmetics Asia 2016

We are excited to return to in-cosmetics Asia after such a successful event last year. To continue our goal of showcasing innovation in the Asia Pacific region, our theme this year will be entitled “Self-reflection”, as we focus on a portfolio of products and formulations for skin care applications and beyond. Join us at stand K30 so we can all reflect together

Cesar Saez, Vice President, Global Personal Care Industry, Performance Materials, DKSH

Highlights from our innovative personal care and cosmetics product portfolio:

Product Description
Magic CC Cream With color changing properties from green and purple to brown after rubbing. Incorporates innovation encapsulate Cameleon Brown from Eckart and pigment from Spectra
Lip Sleeping mask Moisturizer with shiny effect. Incorporates Wacker specialty silicones for skin care and Inutec SL1 moisturizer
Lip Primer Creates a smooth lip surface. Incorporates Wacker specialty silicones and Synafil W1234 from Eckart
Sprayable Sunscreen lotion With color fading properties when exposed to UV, indicating necessity for reapplication. Smooth feel effect from Synafil W1234 from Eckart
Water base peel off nail polish New mild application trend (without use of solvent)
Wipe foam New trend for huge foam with mild and rich effects
Cleansing balm Clear oily gel for smooth massaging. Turns milky when rinsed with water. Moisturizing and natural feel from Sodium Sufactin
Micellar hair serum Water soluable with UV/hear color protection. Provides hair smooth and shine effect from silicones.
Self-Repair Sunscreen SPF80 With high SPF and low content of UV filters. Self-repairs on the product surface