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Marketing and sales

Marketing and sales

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What is happening in the Asian FMCG markets that you should be aware of? Read views from our leaders.

Success stories

  • Zespri Success Story

    Growing Zespri’s success through unique field marketing activities

    By employing unique field marketing activities, DKSH achieved sustainable sales growth with excellent in-store presence for Zespri® Kiwifruit.

  • PhinDeli Coffee Market

    Taking the Vietnamese coffee market one cup at a time

    Using our extensive network and in-depth local knowledge, DKSH has helped open up the Vietnamese market for PhinDeli coffee.

  • Frito Lay

    DKSH Singapore: turning salty snacks into sweet success

    Frito Lay appointed DKSH in mid-1993 to introduce and establish Frito Lay’s presence and products in the Singapore market.

  • Eukanuba

    DKSH puts Eukanuba in the center stage of the dog community to boost brand and sales

    Eukanuba, DKSH Taiwan and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) share a successful track record in Taiwan in enhancing dog’s health and nutrition.

  • Supermarkt employee Malaysia, OldTown coffee

    Growing OldTown White Coffee’s performance through modern field marketing

    DKSH, through the joint venture DKSH Smollan Field Marketing (DSFM), provided OldTown White Coffee Malaysia with unique store insights and field marketing activities to turn shoppers into coffee buyers.

  • DKSH Beiersdorf Hansaplast presentation

    Continuous success for Beiersdorf in Myanmar

    DKSH and Beiersdorf have established a relationship that goes from strength to strength in Asia’s last frontier market, Myanmar.