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Healthcare insights

What is happening in the industry? Read our selected articles on the latest market trends and connect with our experts to stay informed.

How the new Procurement Act and Median Pricing are impacting the Thai healthcare market
By John Clare, Vice President Healthcare

According to the World Health Organization, Thailand’s public healthcare expenditure is predicted to grow six percent annually from 2016 to 2020. New legislations such as the Government Procurement and Supplies Management Act 2017 and Median Pricing are expected to curb the mounting costs, yet they also bring uncertainty to the market.

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How a two-invoice system will transform China’s medical devices market
By Harvey Yeap, Business Development Director, Medical Devices & Diagnostics

Fewer distributor layers will lead to better transparency, increased compliance and smaller distributor margins, thus reducing medical product costs. Now is the time for medical device manufacturers to review their go-to-market strategy.

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Growing in Asian healthcare: to make or to buy?
By Bijay Singh, Global Head of Business Unit Healthcare

While outsourcing of marketing and sales activities is on the rise, healthcare companies across Asia are not using commercial outsourcing as effectively as they could. Based on our research “Growth in Asia: to make or to buy”, I believe that a more strategic approach is needed.

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Going mobile to keep medicines safe in Myanmar
By Phillip Wray, Vice President Healthcare

In his recent article, my colleague Bertrand Sauvageon highlighted how the government, together with several leading multinational organizations, is making healthcare accessible to all in Myanmar. Here, I would like to bring your attention to the local authorities’ efforts in eliminating the presence of unregulated medicines in the country.

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Hospital in South East Asia

Top trends impacting South East Asia’s pharma market – a conversation with Pharmaceutical Commerce
By Bijay Singh, Global Head of Business Unit Healthcare

Having stepped up recently as Global Head of DKSH’s Business Unit Healthcare, I was asked by US magazine Pharmaceutical Commerce for my views on the South East Asian pharmaceutical market. What are the trends and what makes the region so special?

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Boost your business and save lives through effective consignment inventory management
By Harvey Yeap, Business Development Director, Medical Devices

Having a reliable system to manage consignment inventory not only helps to reduce inventory and lower operational costs, it can also help save lives. In this posting, I would like to highlight the critical reasons why medical devices companies should take a serious look at how a well-organized consignment inventory management (CIM) system can help transform the way they currently manage their supply chain processes.

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Making healthcare accessible to all in Myanmar
By Bertrand Sauvageon, Regional Vice President Indochina, Healthcare

Myanmar’s healthcare sector still has some way to go when compared with many of its South East Asian neighbors. But with the commitment shown by the government to boost spending in this area and the continued support of private organizations, transformation is swiftly taking shape.

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Hong Kong busy crossing

Three key ingredients to overcome consumer healthcare market challenges in Asia
By Luke Horton, Regional Business Development Director – Consumer Healthcare

Consumer health brands are increasingly utilizing omni-channel approaches to ensure they have the right product placed in the right market and over the right channel. 

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Choosing products at the supermarket

Four reasons why pharma companies are turning to out-licensing to grow their brands
By Peter Dolinsky, Vice President, Healthcare Own Brands Asia Pacific

Faced with the escalating cost of product development, more competitive markets and increasingly discerning consumers, pharmaceutical companies and drug makers are turning to out-licensing partnerships to sustain their profitability.

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Passenger at the airport

What Big Pharma can learn from low-cost airlines
By Bijay Singh, Global Head of Business Unit Healthcare

As a frequent flyer, I often have a few hours in the sky to ponder about big questions, such as: how can we make our clients pharmaceutical products more accessible? How can we save more patients’ lives and grow the business of our clients? Then it dawned on me that the answer may be closer than I thought: we simply need to take a page from the book of airlines.

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