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Healthcare insights

What is happening in the industry? Read our selected articles on the latest market trends and connect with our experts to stay informed.

Choosing products at the supermarket

Four reasons why pharma companies are turning to out-licensing to grow their brands
By Peter Dolinsky, Vice President, Healthcare Own Brands Asia Pacific

Faced with the escalating cost of product development, more competitive markets and increasingly discerning consumers, pharmaceutical companies and drug makers are turning to out-licensing partnerships to sustain their profitability.

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Passenger at the airport

What Big Pharma can learn from low-cost airlines
By Bijay Singh, Vice President, Global Business Development, Healthcare

As a frequent flyer, I often have a few hours in the sky to ponder about big questions, such as: how can we make our clients pharmaceutical products more accessible? How can we save more patients’ lives and grow the business of our clients? Then it dawned on me that the answer may be closer than I thought: we simply need to take a page from the book of airlines.

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