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Performance Materials insights

What is happening in the industry? Read our selected articles on the latest market trends and connect with our experts to stay informed.

Lemon tree

Key challenges in sourcing for Japanese food ingredients
By Riccardo Giacomessi, Director, Food & Beverage Industry Europe

As the popularity of Japanese pop culture and its entertainment industry expands into the rest of Asia, along with it comes the desire for the country’s cuisine as food manufacturers and food and beverage (F&B) operators strive to fulfill consumer demand.

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Colorful test tubes

Key considerations when sourcing pharmaceutical materials
By Tanja Schaffer, Vice President Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Finding the right supplier for your pharmaceutical intermediates and ingredients will make or break your business.

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Free-range chicken

Going the natural way for safer animal feed in Asia
By Tanja Schaffer, Vice President Global Pharmaceutical Industry

With global consumers demanding for a halt in the use of antibiotics in animal feed, manufacturers must adapt by supplying safer alternatives to the market.

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