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Technology insights

What is happening in the industry? Read our selected articles on the latest market trends and connect with our experts to stay informed.

Halal food

Understanding the growing demand for halal testing facilities
By Marco Farina, General Manager Business Development Scientific Instrumentation

It is not just the food that Muslims consume that needs to be tested and certified to be halal compliant, pharmaceutical drugs and prescriptive medicine too are being scrutinized for its suitability for the over 1.8 billion global Muslim population.

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Commercial kitchen

Four important considerations when planning your commercial kitchen
By Hanno Elbraechter, Head Business Unit Technology

Food operators are always striving to impress their customers with a clean premise, good quality service and of course great tasting food. It all starts with the perfect kitchen.

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Flexible Manufacturing System

Three key benefits of a modern flexible manufacturing system
By Oliver Hammel, Managing Director, Business Unit Technology China

In a world where customized metal cutting productions are quickly becoming the norm, manufacturers are turning to modern systems that are flexible enough to change at the push of a button.

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Industry 4.0

Get ready for Industry 4.0, three things to consider
By Hanno Elbraechter, Head Business Unit Technology

Asia is set to lead the global machine tools industry growth with China projected to account for more than two-fifths of market demand through 2019. Though the idea of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) may seem massive and constantly evolving, from my point of view, it simply depicts the new way we connect, automate and manage things more smartly.

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Food examination in laboratory

Five tips to meet changing food safety challenges in Asia
By Hanno Elbraechter, Head Business Unit Technology

As Asian consumers demand safe, high-quality food products, producers and exporters must trace, test and eliminate the risks from “farm to fork.”

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