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Flooding in Thailand - continue operating at 99%

DKSH Healthcare Thailand was able to maintain service levels during the severe flooding in Thailand in 2011, helping all our business partners to overcome the crisis.

Flooding in Thailand

A lot of provinces in Thailand were hit by severe flooding during October and November 2011. Some of our customers such as drugstores, pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals as well as patients depending on lifesaving medicine were flooded and many were cut off from regular means of transportation.

DKSH’s main distribution center in Bangkok was fortunately not affected by the flood and the main challenges we faced was getting healthcare products out of Bangkok to the rural and flooded areas, as well as maintaining direct deliveries to patients.

DKSH is committed to keep serving our business partners even under adverse circumstances, without compromising on staff safety in any way. We operate a comprehensive network and a broad infrastructure throughout Thailand including quality-proven and ISO certified distribution centers, cross docks as well as a fleet of distribution vans, trucks and motorbikes.

Thanks to the fact that DKSH Thailand owns large wheel trucks, we were able to reach flooded areas that could not be reached by smaller vehicles. In heavily flooded areas where even those large trucks could not move further, we operated with mobile cross docks and transshipped the goods to boats which we specifically bought or rented for this purpose.

Our well-established infrastructure, our advanced distribution fleet that is spread out all around the country, and most of all the commitment and passion of our staff enabled us to continue operating at 99% during the severe flooding. DKSH’s core distribution facilities and customer care functions have continued to run at capacity, even when the staff numbers have been restricted due to their inability to get to work.

A patient living in one of the flooded areas summarizes: "We are very grateful for the excellent services provided by DKSH. They deliver urgently needed medicine to our flooded area with large trucks and boats. Without their support, it would be difficult or even impossible to receive urgently needed medicine in this area." Not only patients, also our business partners were more than satisfied with the services we provided during the flood. “DKSH has done a remarkable and outstanding job in handling the current flooding situation in Thailand – not only as a company but also as individuals working in local teams. They are professional and very responsive. We truly appreciate it and are very proud to work with them,” said Philipp Nueesch, Area Sales Manager Asia/Pacific, Straumann Singapore Pte Ltd.

Market Expansion Services at work: continuing operations during a crisis
DKSH’s comprehensive capillary distribution network and wide geographical coverage continued to function extremely well during the severe flooding in Thailand, helping us to carry on serving our business partners in enabling delivery of much needed medical products during crises.