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“02 639 7000” after-sales service call center: service excellence for technology products

DKSH, the leading provider of Market Expansion Services with a focus on Asia, is continuing to implement professional, high-level customer service concepts that consolidate customer relationships and support clients and suppliers.

Call Center

Customer expectations are increasing and companies that do not upgrade their service levels will be less successful. When Cummins DKSH (CDT) was looking to do just this within the DKSH Customer Service Excellence Initiative, they knew they needed a new after-sales service call center, and looked to DKSH’s Business Unit Healthcare, which has successfully operated a B2B call center with a cutting-edge technology platform, to help them achieve this.

DKSH Healthcare’s long experience of offering a “one-stop service” call center for valued customers is now aiding DKSH's Business Unit Technology and CDT. The new after-sales service call center allows customers to contact DKSH and CDT through a single centralized number, and gives DKSH two-way communication through collecting feedback from our customers, as well as providing up-to-date information to them directly.

In the few months since the launch, the records from our call center have already helped us to gain a better overview of our clients, and allowed us to tag all our active customers. We hear the real voice of the customer – with reactions to our products and services that range from good to bad. This feedback is extremely valuable, as it helps us to adjust our approach and services - even when this is very challenging. The call center records are also assisting us to narrow down the short-list of locations for new regional sales and service offices, which will be opened in five locations throughout Thailand, further improving our service excellence.

Market Expansion Services
DKSH has never ceased in its dedication to constantly developing our service offerings in order to become an even more valuable strategic partner for all our suppliers and customers.