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Brand heritage as the value for future growth

DKSH officially launched Dockers® San Francisco in Thailand in 2007 with eleven shop-in-shops and one stand-alone store. The aim is to position Dockers as the premium menswear brand inspired by San Francisco lifestyle. Dockers® continually updates and expands its product portfolio to allow consumers wearing comfortable and stylish clothes.

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Market Expansion Service for Dockers

Dockers® is currently operating in a highly competitive market where competitors are trying to stand out above the rest. Furthermore Dockers® is still a small brand in Thailand which makes it even more challenging for establishing Dockers® as a major brand in Thailand. The main challenge for DKSH is to ensure that consumers are aware of the brand and this will be the main focus of our marketing mix for 2010.

To support the brand growth, DKSH targeted to open two shop-in-shops in prime area in 2009. Additionally, in order to strengthen the brand position in Thailand’s competitive clothing industry, DKSH’s marketing strategy focuses on Dockers® core products. The aim is to reinforce the brand’s heritage, and to draw attention to the collection of updated and refined khaki pants which grant a modern yet classic or vintage look. PR will be the tool to ensure this brand positioning gets through to our consumers.

Dockers® have gained a footing into the men’s apparel business. As the Dockers® business in Thailand moves into another year, we are definitely going to be the brand to watch out for.

Market Expansion Services
We are currently expanding outside of BKK and also have recently opened a shop in Korat and are looking to expand elsewhere.