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Critical deliveries to patients despite typhoons

DKSH’s experts managed to fulfill lifesaving orders of pharmaceuticals and critical medicine despite major business interruptions in Taiwan.

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The typhoon season in Taiwan is known to interrupt business operations of many companies. In 2012 and 2013, the island was hit by typhoons that blocked all roads to the hospitals in the east. With patients depending on critical medicine deliveries, DKSH needed to find alternative ways to deliver required packages on time and, where relevant, at the right temperature.

DKSH quickly activated a response team and backup plans throughout the entire distribution chain. Operating under high pressure, the proactive and dedicated employees found alternative delivery methods to the commonly used road transport, quickly switching to train and air transportation. DKSH’s experts ensured that clients and customers were informed of the situation and their actions for the duration of the typhoons.

DKSH’s comprehensive preparation ensured that every patient received critical medicine on time and in the right condition, during both typhoons. No lives were at stake thanks to DKSH’s solid processes, procedures and employees that go the extra mile.

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