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Delivering growth to Cerebos for over 40 years

DKSH has been the trusted Market Expansion Services provider for Cerebos – now part of the Japanese Suntory Group – in Thailand since the 1970s, supporting the company in its strong growth in the Kingdom, and additional markets across the region.


Cerebos is a leading food and health supplement company headquartered in Singapore. Its signature product is BRAND’S Essence of Chicken, a product that dates back to 1835. During the reign of King George IV, H.W. Brand, a chef at the royal palace, created a chicken soup concentrate for use in the King’s meals. After H.W. Brand retired, he decided to commercialize the product, and in World War II, the soup concentrate was sent to nourish British soldiers stationed in Singapore and Malaysia.

Prior to working with DKSH, Cerebos distributed the soup concentrate throughout Thailand via wholesalers. With an annual turnover of less than USD 1 million in the early 1970s, the company realized that the product’s full growth potential could only be reached through improved coverage combined with marketing and sales activities.

In 1972, DKSH’s experts developed and executed a holistic approach to build up the Cerebos brand and business in Thailand. Since then DKSH has been strongly expanding sales. Direct distribution to retailers nationwide ensures maximum availability across Thailand, while a range of field marketing activities by the sales team increases visibility of the product and turns shoppers into buyers. DKSH’s unique market insights allow the team to constantly refine the strategy together with the client.

In addition, DKSH has leveraged its regional footprint to help BRAND’s Essence of Chicken gain a foothold in additional markets, including Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Cerebos also partners with DKSH in the more mature Malaysian market.

BRAND’S Essence of Chicken has grown to become the brand leader in its category in both Thailand and across Asia.

With DKSH’s extensive distribution coverage in the region, the product’s penetration is so extensive that it can be found on the shelf of almost every mom-and-pop store and enjoys a dominant position in supermarkets, hypermarkets, personal care stores and specialty shops. Over the last decade, DKSH has helped BRAND’S grow at a double-digit rate.

“DKSH is an important partner in the growth story of Cerebos in South East Asia. The teams’ in-depth market knowledge, deep relationships with trade channels, strong logistics and IT systems continue to contribute positively to our success across the region,” said Mr. Tul Wongsupsawat, General Manager, Cerebos Thailand.
In January 2015 DKSH and Cerebos’ mother company Suntory extended their regional collaboration. DKSH now also provides Market Expansion Services for Ribena fruit drink across retail channels in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The expansion underlines the long and successful collaboration between both companies, which helps drive inner-Asian growth.

Market Expansion Services at work: working together to achieve growth
DKSH is a true partner that goes the extra mile to achieve business growth for its partners.