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DKSH Taiwan wins back key client

DKSH Taiwan, providing speedy recruitment of qualified staff and other services, won back a key client who is a global leader in consumer health, prescription medicines and vaccines.

Business Units

Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals



During 2003, DKSH provided third-party logistics services for this client, when the company ended the relationship due to changes in its business model. After the contract ended, DKSH stayed in close contact with the company, firmly believing that it would realize the superiority of our company in consumer health channels.

Since the beginning of cooperation between the two companies, DKSH Taiwan provided numerous suppliers with distribution and full agency services. As DKSH expertise grew in these fields, it developed new capabilities, including contract sales expertise, key account management and specialized IT systems. “With this know-how, we were fully prepared and confident, when we got in touch with the client again,” said Ching Rong Lu, Vice General Manager of Business Unit Healthcare at DKSH Taiwan.

The first contact took place in March 2007 and, starting in January 2008, DKSH implemented a customized solution, including a healthcare operation model, customer service procedure, and the planning of facilities space and flow paths in the distribution center. In addition, DKSH recruited an exclusive sales force for the client – totaling about 40 representatives - in only three months. “The new contract remains customer-friendly, flexible, and can-do oriented. The only difference is that DKSH has now advanced to another level. DKSH’s recruiting support was phenomenal, and the quantity and quality of the new sales team is highly satisfactory,” resumes Miss Lee, General Manager Consumer Healthcare of the client company.

Market Expansion Services at work: implementing tailor-made solutions
DKSH provided a customized and flexible Market Expansion Services package. This is the best example of a tailor-made solution, which included changing the healthcare operation model, customer service procedure and the planning of facilities space and flow paths in the distribution center.