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DKSH Vietnam's hands-on approach wins over new client

DKSH Vietnam started providing distribution services for a multinational renal care company after the company decided to consolidate its distribution in Vietnam with a DKSH which could reliably provide receivables and a GMP distribution environment.

Business Units

Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals



The client company had been running the business in Vietnam through three distributors. But in late 2008, it made the decision to work with DKSH Vietnam to centralize its distribution in order to reduce complexity, while ensuring full compliance with global quality assurance requirements. At that time, the government-run hospitals’ tender for next season was just three months away–a short time for a new service provider to arrange every work stage and be ready to participate successfully in the tender proceedings. DKSH Vietnam’s business development team faced the twin challenges of not only ensuring a smooth transition in terms of logistics, but also aiming to win the tender for the client to become the hospitals’ new supplier.

The client’s products, for example multivitamin preparation and intravenous (IV) solutions for renal patients, are primarily sold to government hospitals in Vietnam, which was a crucial advantage for DKSH, as we were able to provide quality tender management services with full transparency. In the transition period, DKSH Vietnam conducted numerous, detailed workshops to present our special action plans from all departments. This gave the client’s local staff maximum confidence in DKSH and ensured a smooth transition.

Not more than three months passed between the initial discussions and the first shipment. In January 2009, DKSH Vietnam began providing Market Expansion Services for the new client. This feat reflects the speed, agility, and full focus on quality planning of both teams. The company now has a strong platform for future growth with full transparency into market place and the company’s customers.

Market Expansion Services at work: speed and quality in setting-up solutions
During the assessment process, our client was impressed by the proactive manner, speed, and quality shown by the DKSH staff. This – coupled with DKSH’s state-of-the-art distribution center and our quality assurance staff – was the key reason behind the company’s decision to select DKSH Vietnam as its Market Expansion Services provider.