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Driving sales for Fumakilla across Indochina since the 1990s

DKSH helped Fumakilla excel to a leading market position across Indochina by offering a range of Market Expansion Services.

Buying in supermarket

Fumakilla, a Japanese producer of household products including insect repellent and household goods, saw there were significant opportunities for their products in the fast-growing Indochina market. The company’s management understood however, that their distribution coverage was insufficient to make a true impact, irrespective of whether they relied on their own distribution network or local distributors. Fumakilla needed a partner that could effectively manage the distribution and activate the market through marketing and sales activities.

DKSH and Fumakilla started their relationship in the 1990s in Myanmar, followed closely by the expansion into Cambodia and Vietnam. At first, the companies focused on improving the availability of Fumakilla’s products through DKSH’s unique capillary distribution network. The relationship quickly expanded, with DKSH also activating the channel and consumers through a range of marketing and sales activities, including consumer road shows and in-store promotion activities.

Fumakilla has quickly grown from a small market player to a leader in its product categories across Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. Fumakilla’s products are now available in almost all modern and general trade outlets in the region. In-depth market insights, a clear strategy and excellence in execution with involvement of local top management from both companies have led to strong sales growth year on year.
Market Expansion Services at work: driving inner-Asian growth
We help Asian brands expand their market and fend off the competition through our unique combination of brand activation and distribution capabilities.