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Finding the perfect taste for Café Bonfino through superb application training and support

Café Bonfino, a subsidiary company of YKK which serves coffee for YKK’s nationwide showrooms, own coffee shops and restaurants was looking for new coffee roaster to replace their aging machines.

A staff of Café Bonfino enjoyed roasting coffee bean with Probat.

Café Bonfino’s business is growing, as are the volumes of coffee beans requiring roasting. As demand increased, they discovered that their current machines simply could not maintain stable roasting conditions without sacrificing on quality and taste. Café Bonfino also struggled to find another roaster in the market that could provide the same quality and taste for these larger batches.

The DKSH sales team introduced Probat, the leading industrial coffee roasting machine known for providing consistent and stable taste for large batch roasting, to Café Bonfino. The Business Unit Technology team at DKSH Japan shared their knowledge and employed various roasting methods with roasting experts to find the right solution for Café Bonfino. DKSH also trained the company’s coffee roasting employees on how to control roasting procedures, differentiate coffee tastes ensure consistency throughout the process.

With the new machines implemented and the valuable roasting techniques and service support provided by DKSH staff, Café Bonfino was able to roast five varieties of coffee bean in large volumes up to four times a week. This amount is sufficient to supply the growing business and still produce consistent and even better tasting flavor.  Additionally, the customer is satisfied with its vintage design coupled with its great performance and function.