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Following your convictions in Hong Kong

When Maurice Lacroix launched its new brand campaign, “Follow your convictions”, it was immediately clear to DKSH Hong Kong that the campaign’s inspiring message of believing in oneself had the potential to take the brand conscious and luxury loving watch enthusiasts of Hong Kong by storm.


Hong Kong

Sale person with customer

The key, however, was to find a guest model ambassador who could do for Hong Kong what world-famous musician Sir Bob Geldof, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and successful golfer Justin Rose did for the brand globally. DKSH, which has a financial stake in Maurice Lacroix Manufacture and holds the exclusive distribution rights in Hong Kong, opened over 32 points-of-sale locally and successfully built a comprehensive distribution network, knew that in order to firmly establish the brand’s premium image as a superb Swiss timepiece it had to find a celebrity in Hong Kong whose authenticity would appeal to the local audience.

It quickly became clear that the one person to fit the bill was Dicky Cheung Wai Kin. Dicky began working in show business in the early 80s, winning a televised singing contest in 1984. However, it wasn’t until many years later that he was able to establish himself as a serious actor. His breakthrough came when he portrayed the Monkey King character in the TBV television series Journey to the West. Ultimately, it was Dicky’s unwavering belief in his talent that enabled him to succeed in the tough and brutal world of show business and touch the hearts of his audience.

Thanks to DKSH’s good relationship with Dicky, he was signed on as the guest model ambassador for Maurice Lacroix. Francis Phua, General Manager of Greater China, Luxury Watches, Luxury & Lifestyle of DKSH Hong Kong Ltd. spent a great deal of time explaining to Dicky the core brand values and essence of Maurice Lacroix, which inspired in Dicky ever more creative ways to model the magnificent watches. The photo shoot proved to everyone that Dicky is not only a captivating actor and musician, but also a skilled and professional model.

The best pictures were selected and printed in booklet format and distributed with CUP magazine, a popular cultural magazine among Hong Kong executives. Since Maurice Lacroix signed up Dicky as a guest model ambassador, the brand has seen PR coverage and sales rise.

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