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Growing German thermostatic equipment manufacturer LAUDA's Asia business

LAUDA is the leading manufacturer of innovative thermostatic equipment and systems for science, application technology and production as well as for high-quality measuring devices. As a highly specialized niche provider, LAUDA ranks either first or second in almost all future-oriented sectors, including the semiconductor industry. As many hi-tech companies – most of which are LAUDA’s customers – outsource the production of their products to Asia, this has become an important market. DKSH has been partnering with LAUDA to successfully market their products in the growing Asian markets.

Chemical Lab

Due to the complexity of LAUDA’s products, expert knowledge of sales and maintenance teams, highly qualified sales and after-sales engineers and a strong local presence in the markets is key to success. However, it is not economical for a medium-sized company like LAUDA to build up the financial and personnel resources necessary to enter markets with high entry barriers and build up their own sales and after-sales organization.

LAUDA’s partnership with DKSH started in 1991 to gain market access in Thailand and to further expand its footprint in Asia and drive their ambitious growth targets. DKSH took over importation of the goods, marketing, sales, distribution, logistics and after-sales services for the whole product range of LAUDA in Thailand. Based on the success of this partnership, DKSH and LAUDA extended the geographic scope of their collaboration to the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan and Australia.

More than twenty years since its start, the successful collaboration between LAUDA and DKSH in seven countries across Asia Pacific delivers continuous strong growth. DKSH’s proactive sales teams continually expanded the customer base for LAUDA’s laboratory equipment into additional industries and areas of application, giving LAUDA double-digit growth year-on-year.

Market Expansion Services
DKSH’s comprehensive network and deep industry expertise with highly trained and knowledgeable teams are key to help our business partners expand in Asia.