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Levi’s® Forever Blue: jeans for charity and the environment

The Levi’s® Forever Blue project, initiated by Levi’s® worldwide in 2009, aims at both supporting underprivileged people and protecting the environment. Through the campaign, customers are invited to return their old jeans against a discount when buying a new pair. Being relaunched in 2010, nearly 140,000 pairs of old jeans were collected by DKSH, who very actively supports the initiative in Thailand.


In 2009, twelve countries around the world including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea and Thailand participated in the “Levi’s® Forever Blue” project. However, it was unexpected that, in a total of over 400,000 pairs of used jeans collected by Levi’s® Asia, DKSH and Levi’s® Thailand alone delivered up to 100,000 pairs of jeans to diverse non-profit organizations or donation communities supporting mainly underprivileged children.

In 2010, DKSH and Levi’s® Thailand repeated the campaign from August through September, offering a discount of THB 1,000 to those who returned an old pair of jeans when buying a new one. Levi’s® exclusively spiced up the activities by bringing in the new generation of Levi’s®501® brand ambassadors. As a result of the 2010 campaign, DKSH and Levi’s® Thailand collected an overwhelming total number of 139,071 pairs of used jeans and witnessed double-digit sales growth over the months of August and September.

Jeans bearing the Levi’s® brand – roughly five percent of all returned jeans – are sold to wholesalers for THB 50 each. The amount from this sale will be given to two foundations working to protect the environment. Jeans from other brand makers in good condition will be delivered to foundations and foster homes including the Suan Keaw Temple Foundation and the Provincial Red Cross Chapter of Prahnakornsri Ayutthaya, thereby supplying people in need with clothes.

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Levi’s® and DKSH not only succeeded in boosting sales. The partners also invited a broad audience to give some thought to the value of supporting the community through donations and to the question of protecting the environment.