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Lindt takes New Zealand chocolate market by storm

DKSH and Swiss company Lindt & Sprüngli (Lindt) enjoy a winning long-term partnership since the 1970s. The companies are changing the shape of the New Zealand chocolate market, generating success in this challenging environment.

DKSH and Lindt started working together in New Zealand in 2002. DKSH’s specialists are constantly working with Lindt across all levels – from field sales teams to the senior executives – identifying growth opportunities, developing engaging sales activities and ensuring delivery of both products and results.

The chocolate category in New Zealand is highly competitive. Amidst the wide range of brands and varieties, chocolate manufacturers search for creative ways to get their products in shoppers’ baskets.

Market data shows that the Easter and Christmas seasons in New Zealand are particularly critical times for sales. DKSH’s sales and field marketing experts therefore created large inflatable golden Easter bunnies and engaging Christmas displays. DKSH also launched substantial Lindt in-store displays across outlets nationwide to improve visibility year round, as well as in-store promotion activities around product launches.

These creative activities are supported by DKSH’s commitment to excellent execution, from the distribution center into the shoppers’ baskets.

Lindt has quickly become a favorite in New Zealand. Sales have been exceeding expectations every year and continue to outshine that of competitors, particularly around Easter and Christmas. New products, seasonal events, increased distribution and in-store presence are driving rapid growth. For example, the launch of Lindor Strawberries and Cream in 2014 outsold the previous Lindor launches by 300%.

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