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Opening up new growth channels for LifeScan

DKSH Taiwan’s strong capillary distribution network and commercial capabilities helps LifeScan open up the independent pharmacy channel.

LifeScan, Johnson & Johnson Family of Diabetes Companies, is one of the world’s leading medical device manufacturing companies. The blood glucose monitoring product OneTouch® has been available in Taiwan for more than 25 years and enjoyed a strong market position; however their existing channel portfolio had reached saturation. DKSH Taiwan was appointed in 2007 by LifeScan to maximize the potential of OneTouch® in independent pharmacies, a channel with strong growth potential yet notorious for its diversity and managerial challenges.

Having been at home in Taiwan since 1958, DKSH leveraged its capillary network of unique scope and depth to help LifeScan build up the channel. DKSH’s commercial team identified pharmacies with the largest potential customer base and allocated resources effectively, thereby building on their strong relationships within the channel. Products are delivered on time from DKSH’s ISO13485-certified distribution center.

Kiki Hung, Product Manager, DKSH states: "The greatest success is to dig out market insight and dynamics by walking into pharmacies, listening to the feedback of pharmacists and sales personnel and understanding the needs of the sales team to identify the growth opportunities.”

LifeScan sales have tripled since 2007 with double-digit growth in the independent pharmacy channel every year. Customer loyalty is higher than ever and event cooperation is stronger because of the attentive and intensive service. Moreover, stable pricing leads to customers being more willing to promote the OneTouch® brand. The companies recently expanded their agreement to also provide full service solutions in other channels, including medical device shops, pharmacy chains and hospitals. Since the second half of 2014, LifeScan and DKSH have been closely cooperating with each other in both sales and marketing side, cascading down world-renowned OneTouch brand equity and value propositions to patients with Diabetes in Taiwan.

Howard Su, Distributor Manager, LifeScan: “We are very impressed with DKSH’s support in building the independent pharmacy channel as a strong pillar to sustain LifeScan’s growth. We are confident that with their experience and expertise in the industry, they can help us grow other channels successfully as well. We look forward to the expansion of our relationship.”

Market Expansion Services at work: opening up new medical device markets
Our specialists have deep market knowledge and industry to help generate new revenue models for medical device companies in Asia. We combine our capillary distribution network with our strong relationships with the channels to drive growth for our clients.