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State-of-the-art technology creates innovation

Experts at the cutting edge of their profession work for DKSH, solving problems and helping drive technology forward – for the benefit of our business partners.

After selling a turnkey solution for manufacturing solar cells to a satisfied customer of five years, DKSH was asked to improve cell efficiency of the solar cell by reducing the shadow area, which is the area covered by a machine part during the deposition process. All this had to be achieved without disrupting production.

Based on the outstanding knowledge of the technology involved and intimate knowledge of the customer’s processes, DKSH engineers worked out a solution to the problem. In an involved process that required intense collaboration of our engineers and the engineers of the customer we finally came upon a solution, which entailed changing the hook type and thereby reducing the area covered during the deposition of the coating. This solution enlarged the area where anti-reflection coating can be deposited and also heightened the cell’s efficiency.

The solution produced by dedicated DKSH engineers not only solved the customer’s immediate problem but also led to an improved standard solution in the machine delivered by the supplier. Thus the solution benefited both the customer and the supplier.

Market Expansion Services at work: value added
Combining dedicated service excellence and vertical industry know-how enabled us to create added-value for our customers by improving the performance of their machines while at the same time improving the product of the supplier, giving them an edge over the competition.