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Understanding the business partner generates added value

Being a player in a capital goods market like transport and lifting equipment requires service capabilities beyond the ordinary. The DKSH Business Line Infrastructure offers integrated service solutions that win the trust of their partners, building on existing reputation and relationships to generate new business opportunities.

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Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) set the budget to purchase 43 units of yard tractors through electronic auction in 2008. The Business Line Infrastructure worked to become the preferred vendor and a successful bidder against three strong competitors who also tried to become preferred PAT partners.

For over 15 years we were the market leader at PAT when it came to yard tractors, with 170 units sales out of total 200 units population. The challenge was to retain the preferred supplier status of PAT by way of delivering a high service standard level and high quality products offered. Having established good relationships throughout all levels of PAT, starting with truck operators and maintenance teams to spec writers and top management, we were able to draw upon feedback that was invaluable for our service schemes. By setting up a special PAT service container on site, along with the necessary spare parts service, and an emergency on-call service we provided comprehensive service coverage. Showing our service capabilities this way, we gained a better position to negotiate for prospective contracts on other key products like lift trucks that were at the time covered by a competitor.

By way of our excellent service track record we have succesfully bidden for 43 units of yard tractors in 2008, with Net Sales of CHF 7.5 millions. This was the largest single order ever received in the last 10 years. Through our daily service contacts we have created a long-term relationship with the customer that will generate spare parts sales for many years to come.

Market Expansion Service at work: leveraging excellent service and relationships
Strong and effective service in conjunction with local know-how and relationships generates results and a solid reputation that in turn generates more business. Market Expansion Service identifies the need of the business partner and provides added value for success.