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Writing a new chapter for Faber-Castell Art and Graphic: brand promotion in the Japanese retail field

The partnership between DKSH and Faber-Castell, the traditional manufacturer of high-quality pens and pencils for writing and drawing, has a long and outstanding track record. In Japan, the two companies can look back at twelve years of fruitful collaboration.



Faber-Castell decided to get closer to the Japanese customers, who are known to demand highest quality standards but are also willing to pay for them. The highly specific market segment for exclusive writing and drawing supplies requires a detailed knowledge of the Japanese consumer as well as a matching network to recruit skilled personnel. Finding an appropriate location in an environment that would perfectly reflect Faber-Castell’s brand values proved to be a challenge in Tokyo’s highly competitive real estate market.

DKSH opened the first Faber-Castell flagship store in the newly built area of Tokyo Midtown in March 2007. The ribbon cutting ceremony and the evening reception were attended by the German ambassador, the Count von Faber-Castell as well as around 100 journalists and trade representatives. Located on the same floor as the Suntory Art Museum, the artistic atmosphere perfectly adds to the Faber-Castell brand with its product range for art and graphic.

The elegance of the new store and the attractive displays support the brand values and underline Faber-Castell’s position as an exclusive manufacturer of writing, drawing and coloring goods.

Market Expansion Services at work: enabling access to suitable environments
DKSH identified and enabled access to an exclusive and suitable sales environment that will enhance the high value image of the brand. With its impressive flagship store Faber-Castell was able to increase brand awareness and fascinate Japanese customers with the art of fine drawing and writing wares.