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FAG Vibration Monitoring Range

Vibration diagnosis is the most reliable method for identifying the start of machine damage at an early stage. It can be used to precisely detect not only imbalance and misalignment but also rolling bearing damage and gear tooth defects. FAG vibration measuring devices help in planning maintenance work, increasing bearing life and reducing costs. As a result, plant availability is increased and the risk of unplanned downtime is reduced.

Available models

FAG Detector III

FAG Detector III is a handy, easy to use vibration measuring device. Due to preinstalled standard configurations in accordance with DIN ISO 10816, this is a plug-and-play solution allowing early and authoritative information on the condition of machinery, entirely without time-consuming training or system configuration work.

This allows, for example, rapid inspection of ventilators, pumps, electric motors, compressors or vacuum pumps. All the user must do is start the measurement process by pressing a few buttons and wait until it is completed. The device evaluates the measurement results and presents the results, with self-explanatory symbols, on the device display.

FAG SmartCheck

FAG SmartCheck is a compact, innovative, modular online measuring system for continuous monitoring of machinery and process parameters on a decentralised basis. It can be used on assemblies where such monitoring was previously too cost-intensive.

Vibration monitoring does not have to be complicated – as proved by the FAG SmartCheck! As a flexible solution, it adjusts to your demands and reliably fulfils even complex requirements.


FAG DTECT X1 s is a flexible online system for the monitoring of rotating components and elements in the machinery and plant industry. Typical applications can be found, for example, in the steel, raw materials, paper and marine industries.

The system gives early, reliable detection of possible damage and thus helps to prevent unplanned and expensive downtime. This reduces the risk of possible production shutdowns. As a result, the capacity utilisation of machinery and plant is increased.

FAG WiPro s

FAG WiPro s allows online monitoring of wind farms – onshore and offshore. The system gives early and reliably detection of possible machine damage. This helps to prevent unplanned downtime and expensive secondary damage. Due to its small size, it can easily be accommodated in small spaces such as the nacelle of a wind turbine.

FAG ProCheck

FAG ProCheck is an online monitoring system. It can be used to prevent unplanned downtime and for quality control. The system offers a high level of functionality and is available in a range of variants – from an 8 channel to a 16 channel system.

Key Features

  • Parameters monitored - FAG continuously records data on vibration, temperature and other process parameters and subsequently carries out their evaluation. As a result, incipient damage and its causes can be detected at a very early stage and the appropriate countermeasures can be introduced in good time. This gives a considerable reduction in operating costs.
  • Versatile system - Due to its extremely robust and compact design, this system is ideally suited for use in almost all industrial segments. The system can be used in steelworks, paper machinery, cement plants or in the oil and gas industry.

  • Remote monitoring - Defects and damage can be detected on machinery without the need for a diagnosis expert on site. The data can be transferred to other locations by remote access and analysed there, for example by the Schaeffler vibration experts.

  • Customer-specific solutions - The display, which is individually tailored to the customer’s requirements, gives a user interface that allows a rapid overview of the condition of the plant. Depending on the complexity of the plant, this display can be arranged on several levels.

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Environmental
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Railway
  • Shipbuilding
FAG GermanyFor over 120 years the name FAG has been synonymous with high quality rolling bearings. In 1883, Friedrich Fischer designed a ball grinding machine in Schweinfurt, Germany that, for the first time, made it possible to produce absolutely round steel balls by grinding. This invention is regarded as the foundation for the entire rolling bearing industry. This is one of the reasons why FAG has long been considered to be a pioneer in rolling bearing technology.
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