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Mantech - COD Analyzer - PeCOD

PeCOD® Chemical Oxygen Demand Analysis System

PeCOD® is an easy-to-use water quality monitoring system that provides accurate results in less than 15 minutes and does not use dichromate.The PeCOD® analyzer offers a unique nanotechnology-based approach to measure chemical oxygen demand (COD) analysis that overcomes many of the problems encountered by existing COD analysis methods, making it the new global standard for COD analysis in laboratories, municipal wastewater treatment plants and industrial production facilities. The PeCOD® conforms to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (Method E3515), where it is used exclusively for COD analysis. In May 2016, MISA (Municipal/Industrial Strategy for Abatement) updated the Protocol for the Sampling and Analysis of Industrial/Municipal Wastewater, which now includes PeCOD® as an approved alternate COD method.

Key features

  • COD analysis is a measurement of the oxygen-depletion capacity of a water sample contaminated with organic waste matter. Specifically, it measures the equivalent amount of oxygen required to chemically oxidize organic compounds in water.

Technical specifications

Construction ABS
Dimensions (approximate W x L x H) 170mm x 280mm x 180mm
Weight < 2 kgs
Security 4 digit Pin (optional)
Parameter(s) COD (unit of measurement: choice of ppm ormg/L)BOD (ppm or mg/L)
Measurement Dilution ≤ 15,000 ppm
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Defense
  • Die & Mould
  • Education & Academics
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Food & Beverage
  • Luxury
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Optical
  • Paper & Wood
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Polymers, Plastics and Rubbers
  • Powders & Pigments / Coating
  • Railway
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
  • Service
  • Textile
  • Wholesale & Retail

Electrical and standards conformity

Power Requirements 100V to 240V AC / 45 to 65 Hz,optional battery pack for field use
Current Consumption 2.0 A (maximum)
Enclosure IP55 to EN60529
Protection Class Continuous short circuit protection. CEC Level IVcompliant. UL compliant
EMC Emission and Noise Immunity EN61326-1:2006FCC Part 15 Subparts A and B
Certification CE. FCC
Environmental conditions Ambient Operating Temperature: 10 to 30 °CStorage Temperature: 5 to 40 °CRelative Humidity: maximum 90% non-condensing

Data display, inputs and outputs

isplay 4 x 20 character
Keypad Splash resistant capacitive touch user interface
Data Presentation Alpha Numeric
Data Logging Up to 200,000 measurements, events and faults
Fault Monitoring Air in line, system conditions
Computer Interface USB for Data and Control
Mantech Inc.MANTECH Inc. is a manufacturer of online, portable and laboratory analyzers for water and wastewater. With over 1,900 analyzers installed, 100,000’s of samples are analyzed everyday by MANTECH systems. We employ Green and Fast methods, many regulatory approved, and the data generated is trusted by Governments and Industry.MANTECH systems enable utilities and industry to make impactful decisions that deliver profitability and sustainability while protecting the environment and public health. Located in the picturesque city of Guelph, Ontario in Canada, MANTECH is at the heart of the province’s growing water and technology sectors.