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Diethelm (Thailand) Ltd. is now "DKSH"

17.12.2009 | Bangkok, December 17, 2009 – The No.1 Market Expansion Services provider and one of Thailand’s largest companies, Diethelm Limited, has officially announced a change in the company name from Diethelm Limited to “DKSH (Thailand) Limited”.

The renaming is expected to further strengthen DKSH's position as the leading Market Expansion Services provider in Thailand. For more than 100 years, DKSH has been helping companies to grow their business in new and existing markets by providing them with all the essential services they need to achieve their expansion goals. DKSH brings products such as fast moving consumer goods, luxury items, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, ingredients, and technology products to Asia, Europe, and the Americas where it markets, sells and distributes them.

Stuart Davy, Executive Vice President & CFO of DKSH Holding Ltd., said: “Over the past few years, we have completely reshaped the conventional model of traditional trading companies to ensure that we remain an ever more valuable strategic partner for our business associates. The name DKSH reflects our new positioning of being the world's No.1 in Market Expansion Services with focus on Asia, a distinctive new category of industry that was created by DKSH. With this renaming, DKSH Thailand will contribute to the ongoing establishment of a unified, global DKSH brand. The DKSH brand implies that the individual country operations such as Thailand are able to leverage the global synergies available within the DKSH Group to constantly develop and improve their own service portfolios, thereby ultimately offering greater opportunities and value to our business partners.”

DKSH is one of Switzerland’s top 20 companies, reporting a global turnover of THB 280 billion in 2008, with an established presence in 460 business locations in 35 countries employing 22,000 specialized staff, over 10,000 of whom are working in Thailand. The company offers a comprehensive package of services along the entire value chain: from sourcing, marketing, sales, distribution and logistics to after-sales services. DKSH provides partners with sound expertise, on-the-ground logistics, and tailor-made services based on a comprehensive network of unique size and depth. It expands its business partners’ access to knowledge, their sourcing base, their revenue opportunities, and their market shares.

Since its establishment in Thailand back in 1906, DKSH has been a leading player in providing Market Expansion Services for the consumer goods, healthcare, performance materials, and technology industries. Although it is a Swiss company, DKSH’s organization is deeply rooted in the community here. This is because the company is able to draw from a tradition, lasting over a century, of doing business in and with the nation. Through its industry expertise and unparalleled experience in offering Market Expansion Services tailored to the specific needs of its business partners, Thailand has evolved into the most important hub within DKSH’s dynamic network. In the region, the Thailand operation is admirably placed to serve as a role model in leveraging success stories to other countries and has not hesitated to do so.

“Despite a challenging political situation and some degree of economic turmoil, we continue to have great confidence in Thai economy as our business operations remain enviably successful. As of 2009, our four Business Units are supporting a total of 380 multinational suppliers and more than 100,000 customers, with our Annual Sales having increased by more than 3.7% year-on-year. In other words, DKSH Thailand is here to invest, grow, and develop successful business operations, including plans for further investments in all of those four Business Units,” added Stuart Davy.

Mr. Somboon Prasitjutrakul, President of DKSH (Thailand) Limited, said: “The name may be a new one, but what remains unchanged is our unrelenting commitment to helping companies and brands to grow their business in Thailand. This is precisely what we have been doing ever since our company was first established in 1906. In Thailand, DKSH has never ceased its dedication towards constantly further developing our service offerings in order to become an even more valuable strategic partner for all suppliers and customers. Massive investments over the past couple of years are a clear demonstration of DKSH’s commitment to this country. Since 2007, we have opened three new distribution centers for fast moving consumer goods and healthcare involving a total investment of THB 3 billion, aimed at providing greater benefits for customers and the Thai people in general. Our new distribution centers serve as a catalyst for further growth of the company in Thailand, while offering the highest levels of logistics and distribution services. The positive outcome is a wider range of products, broader coverage with faster deliveries, all coupled with cost efficiencies."

Through the name change, DKSH Thailand will be able to add the strength of a global brand to enhance the wealth of experience and outstanding reputation it has built up over 100 years to the advantage of its business partners. DKSH Thailand is confident that this name change will enhance its ability to support the dynamic expansion of its business partners, and is committed to ensuring that they benefit fully from the energy and vigor of the DKSH brand.



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