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About us

About DKSH Group

DKSH - Market Expansion services with focus on Asia, outsourcing partner

DKSH is the leading Market Expansion Services Group with a focus on Asia.

What we do

Healthcare, HEC, Laos, Settharthirath Hospital, delivery, distribution van

We help companies to grow their business in new and existing markets. We expand our business partners' access to knowledge, their sourcing base, their revenue opportunities, and their market shares.


DKSH group organisation

Our organizational structure cuts right through the complexity of the businesses we manage.

How we run the business

Consumer Goods, CG, Cambodia, Nivea promotion in a supermarket, product demonstration and presentation,

For our business partners around the world, DKSH stands for uncompromising integrity, accountability, professionalism, and trust.


Ed. A. Keller & Co. Ltd. around 1900 in Manila, Philippines

In the 1860s, three Swiss entrepreneurs sailed east to Asia. Over the years they established flourishing companies which evolved into major players in South East Asia, China, the eastern Asian Pacific region, and Japan.