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Intelligent and customized solutions with WACKER

In 2013, DKSH started a new strategic regional partnership with WACKER, a leading international provider of specialty chemicals. Established in 1914 in Burghausen, Germany, WACKER initially focused on the domestic market before continually extending its international network. Today, the company has 24 production sites and generates over 80% of its sales outside Germany. Looking to gain market leadership for its biotech and silicone products in Asia, the highly diversified company has found just the right partner in DKSH.

Chemical Paste

With a range of over 3,000 silicone products, WACKER SILICONES, one of the Group’s five business divisions, ranks among the world’s largest manufacturers of silanes and silicones. Thanks to their highly diverse properties, silicones offer virtually unlimited potential for intelligent, customized solutions in numerous sectors. In addition, WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS, the WACKER Group’s life science division, offers tailored and innovative solutions and products for the food, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries based on advanced biotech processes.

To position itself for sustained sales and earnings growth, WACKER decided to address high-growth markets, namely emerging ones in Asia. In order to gain access to the extremely fragmented parts of Asian markets, the leading specialty chemicals company was looking for a strong partner with in-depth sales and marketing know-how. This would help strengthen its presence and footprint in the Asian region.

DKSH and WACKER entered into a strategic regional partnership to market WACKER’s BIOSOLUTIONS products: fermenter cysteine and bioengineered cyclodextrins, sold under the CAVASOL® and CAVAMAX® trademarks. The collaboration covered the whole of South East Asia, Greater China and parts of the India subcontinent, specifically India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Utilizing our unparalleled distribution footprint in Asia, we leveraged on our size, experience and industry know-how to provide tailored services and exceptional distribution opportunities for WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS. In addition, DKSH innovation centers supported WACKER to address the specific needs of Asian markets.

DKSH’s partnership with WACKER allowed the leading specialty chemicals company closer proximity to customers in the region to better serve their needs, and thus drive their ambitious growth targets for WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS. With both partners fully convinced by the success of the cooperation, DKSH and WACKER extended the strategic regional agreement to include WACKER’s complete silicones portfolio for personal care applications. This agreement covered the whole of South East Asia, as well as selected Asian countries, for the distribution of pyrogenic silicas (sold under the HDK® trademark) and BELSIL® functionalized silicones, both of which are used as auxiliaries or additives in a variety of formulations in personal care, food and pharmaceutical products. This reinforces our value-added services as a key partner.

Market Expansion Services at work: building lasting partnerships
DKSH Performance Materials’ in-depth expertise in the specialty chemicals industry, coupled with a comprehensive network and global relationships, enables our business partners to focus on their core competencies while expanding in new markets.