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The search for soy

Reliability, commitment and flexibility to fulfill the needs of our business partners add up to real solutions for a global economy.

Chocolate pastry

Non-GMO (without genetically modified organisms) soy lecithin is an important emulsifier for the chocolate industry that is increasingly hard to find. It is particularly challenging to deliver the desired non-GMO quality in sufficient quantities and on time to the production plants of customers all over the world.

Our answer to this shortage and the logistical problems involved was to establish a strong relationship with a specialized Indian producer and make the most of our advantage as a global provider of Market Expansion Services. Thanks to DKSH’s global networks, we can offer stable and reliable sourcing for customers’ production sites all over the world. A further aspect of our partnership approach is our ability to guarantee after-sales support and customer service wherever they’re needed.

During recent negotiations with Barry Callebaut, a key customer and the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate, DKSH clinched a deal to supply soy lecithin to production sites in Europe, Asia, and North America. This was because we could guarantee supplies and service in all these regions. Two of the largest chocolate producers now rely on our uninterrupted worldwide on-time delivery of on-spec non-GMO soy lecithin.

Market Expansion Services at work: excellent delivery and reliable supply
Becoming a trusted link between business partners and grasping the needs of all concerned requires diligence and deep industry expertise. As we have seen time and again, this brings tangible business results for all our partners.