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Kruss - Drop Volume Tensiometer - DVT50

The effect of a surfactant as an emulsifier is based on the fact that it reduces the interfacial tension between phases which do not easily mix. As surfactants need a certain time to do this, the effect of an emulsifier depends on the mixing dynamics. With our Drop Volume Tensiometer – DVT50, you can measure the speed with which emulsifiers produce their effect and reduce the interfacial tension. The DVT50 spectrum ranges from very fast to very slow processes. This enables the dynamic mixing behavior as well as the stability of an emulsion at close to the quiescent state to be determined in a single measurement. The results of the measurement help to precisely optimize and dose surfactants for emulsions.

Key features
  • Automatic, accurate analysis

  • Variable measuring arrangement for different types of emulsion

  • Transparency in measurement and data management

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