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Hayashibara - Successful partnership

Using its innovative technology, the Japanese company Hayashibara, a leader in enzymology, microbiology and biotechnology with activities in the life sciences, developed the specialty ingredient AA2G, a stabilized vitamin C for healthier, brighter, younger looking skin, which has many applications in the cosmetics industry.

Introducing the innovative ingredient in a foreign market was a challenge in terms of language, culture and, more importantly, regulatory requirements. Marketing AA2G in Europe, one of the world’s premium markets for cosmetics, required a perfect understanding of chemistry and dermatology as well as detailed knowledge of the complex and highly-regulated European market.

DKSH Japan informed DKSH France about the company’s intention to find a partner in Europe for the registration of AA2G as an EU-approved cosmetic ingredient. As a first step it was necessary to monitor the international regulatory environment and the legal situation in relation to cosmetic applications, including restrictive patent issues. Working closely together, DKSH Japan and DKSH France dealt with all the challenges. In order to achieve sustainable growth, Performance Materials' innovation centers developed prototype finished formulations using this ingredient in innovative applications geared towards prospective customers’ applications.

Having gained product acceptance in major cosmetic companies, DKSH became a full service provider for AA2G, serving the supply requirements of our customers production sites in various parts of the world through our global network. This enabled DKSH to cooperate directly with some of the major players in the cosmetics industry. Our Market Expansion Services for the new substance were a complete success because they found solutions for all the parties involved: entering a complex market with a new product, providing innovative applications and serving supply requirements at several production sites.

Market Expansion Services at work: networks and innovation
Being a global company doesn’t mean you have to be slow to take action: DKSH’s entrepreneurial spirit fosters collaboration and innovation, actively creating opportunities and delivering fast and effective results for our business partners.