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Products with a lasting effect

What’s good for the environment is also good for business. Independent approval certifies the sustainability of DKSH products so that seafood lovers can enjoy healthier and safer meals.

NGO Friends of the Sea

Business Line Food and Beverage Industry strives to offer safe products from sustainable aquaculture and fisheries. For this reason DKSH decided to work closely with the NGO Friend of the Sea (FOS) in order to guarantee and document the sustainability of our seafood. FOS is the only standard and certification scheme in the world to certify products both farmed and wild with the same seal of approval. To obtain the FOS certificate is thus extremely advantageous for our seafood business.

In order to obtain FOS certification for two products farmed in Vietnam, Pangasius fish and Black Tiger shrimps, production facilities and farms were subjected to a series of audits conducted by DKSH quality control experts in conjunction with the certification body IMO. In preparation for this, our SEQRA (Safety, Environment, Quality, and Regulatory Affairs) people conducted quality assessments, audits and inspections, rigidly applying FOS regulations and standards.

DKSH obtained the FOS certificate for its extensively farmed Vietnamese Black Tiger shrimps. In fact, DKSH is the first supplier to be able to offer FOS-certified Black Tiger shrimps from Vietnam. Certification has many advantages, among them environmental protection and job security for factory and farm personnel. In addition, products with FOS approval are guaranteed to be sustainable, safe and natural, with no chemical additives.

Market Expansion Services at work: Responsibility and care
Thanks to DKSH’s highly specialized local quality assurance and logistics staff, we are in full control of the supply chain from processor to customer. Our commitment to responsibility and care yields sustainable business results.