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Research and analysisWe enable you to innovate for growth

DKSH research and analysis services

DKSH Performance Materials operates innovation centers, as well as quality control laboratories across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

We work on new ingredients and technology applications, provide hands-on training and run acceptance tests. We take the information gathered from our market activity, combine it with our expertise to conduct feasibility studies and turn our market insight into strategic advice for our business partners.

In short: we cut time-to-market by actively researching and formulating solutions for the evolving needs of our business partners. We help you to innovate for growth by generating new product ideas, breakthrough products and new markets.

We offer

  • In-depth application expertise to develop trend-setting and cutting-edge products
  • A network of 29 innovation centers in Asia, Europe and North America
  • Test and application laboratories, which supply samples, feasibility and validation testing

Your benefits

  • You gain access to a global network of highly trained experts
  • Our deep market insight and understanding help you to innovate
  • Our network of global experts understand what it takes to make your product a success
  • Shorter time-to-market through active research and by formulating solutions for your evolving needs

Success stories

  • Passing with flying colors

    Even under pressure to reduce costs, effective cooperation and hard work will always find a way to fulfill expectations.

  • Problem-solving the proactive way

    Problem-solving the proactive way

    When an opportunity arises to work with a partner to grow its business, DKSH acts fast and decisively: a business philosophy that is in everyone’s interests.