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Mitsubishi Chemical Analytec-Elemental Analysis-Elemental Analyzer-Nitrogen, Sulfur and Halogen Detector

Adsorbable Organic Halogen Analyzer

Due to its unique simplicity and independence of fixed gas supply, the AOX-200 can be setup in every laboratory that needs to determine water quality parameters. Together with optional absorption units, this enables customers to implement new analytical methods with ease.


Small foot print


Universal automation for batch and column 8 method by built-in sampler :


Auto sampler for column method:


Adsorption module for batch method using Method ceramic frits:


  • unique open top furnace: easy automation, no sample inlet port needed, no need to seal tube, no acid suckback, no heated transfer tubes

  • no external pure gases needed: great decrease in running costs

  • autosampler for both batch and column method

  • unique column injector: up to 300 shots with patented direct injection of activated carbon. No accumulation of containers in the furnace

  • unique acidic acid destruction method for increased working place safety.

  • easy access to all measurement related parts make daily maintenance a matter of minutes

  • small footprint: less than 50 cm

  • intuitive software guides through the hole measurement process, including QC functions.

  • Pharmaceuticals & lyophilized Proteins

  • Petrochemical, Refinery Products & Fine Chemicals

  • Gases & LPG’s

  • Plastics, Polymers & Rubber

  • Gasoline, Diesel & Jet Fuel

  • Ethanol, Biodiesel & Alternative Fuels