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High visibility for new cover-up gel

However unique a new product may be, when launching it onto the market, it is essential to ensure high visibility from the start and to exploit every opportunity to reach out to potential consumers. The surest route to success is to work with a partner with the expertise, local networks, and total commitment needed to take a product all the way from initial launch through marketing, sales, warehousing and distribution to market expansion success.

Founded in 1945 in Zurich, international pharmaceutical niche specialist Medinova was integrated into DKSH's Business Unit Healthcare in 2004. The company focuses on developing, marketing, and distributing prescription drugs and over-the-counter products, which are sold in over 40 countries worldwide.

When Medinova’s Asia-Pacific team developed a highly effective new scar care gel, they were confident it would stand out clearly from the competition. Hiruscar™ is different because of its unique formulation – non-greasy and hypoallergenic – and its effectiveness in helping to reduce the visibility of new and older scars.

Although Hiruscar had already been successfully introduced by DKSH in Thailand and Hong Kong, expanding into Malaysia posed a formidable challenge. Hundreds of new products are launched every year, so it takes expertise and commitment for a new product to establish a solid foothold in the market and fully exploit its potential.

To meet the challenge, DKSH Malaysia’s Healthcare team assigned two experienced executives to work exclusively on product management for Hiruscar™. The pair began the way they meant to carry on: with an exceptionally professional and effective media launch event in October 2009 that generated substantial PR coverage in all major national newspapers and magazines. Information about Hiruscar™ reached millions of readers and potential consumers across the country.

Having captured the attention of the market, DKSH Malaysia’s Business Unit Healthcare now provides on-going Market Expansion Services for Hiruscar™. These services include marketing, sales and warehousing services, and distribution to pharmacies and medical professionals throughout Malaysia. The exclusive product management team’s efforts are supported by a 24-strong general OTC sales team and a 10-member medical channel sales team.

Hiruscar™ is making its mark on the market. The new scar care gel is now available in all international key accounts (Guardian, Watson’s, and Caring), leading independent pharmacy outlets, as well as from selected doctors and dermatologists throughout Malaysia.

Furthermore, since its launch in October 2009, Hiruscar™ sales have exceeded all expectations and are expected to experience strong growth of 45% in 2011.

Market Expansion Services: for a successful launch and rising sales
Thanks to the hard work, expertise, and local networks of the DKSH Malaysia Healthcare team, backed by the experience of the wider DKSH Group, Hiruscar™ has been successfully launched into an important market and will continue to expand its reach and achieve further growth.