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The first grinding step for accurate sample preparation is pre-grinding the material to remove irregularieties like embedded edges and to produce the required planar surface. The Belt Grinder Jade 700 is ideally suited for manual deburring and pre-grinding of materials. The Saphir 375 model is an automated stone grinder with touchscreen operation and measurement of the removed layers.

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Available models

Technical specifications
Grinding belts
endless grinding belts 100 x 920 / 100 x 915 mm
Belt speed
7 m/ sec
Water connection
1x fresh water connection R½" max. 6 bars
Water outlet
right and left, Ø 40 mm
Water valve
right and left
Connection power
1.4 kVA
Drive power (main drive)
0.75 kW S6/60%
W x H x D
630 x 250 x520 mm
~ 55 kg

The JADE 700 is a stable wet double-belt grinder for deburring and pre-grinding of samples or other materials. It is possible to use belts with 2 different grain sizes simultaneously. Waste material generated is drained-off by water supply.

Key features

  • Two grinding belts
  • Water cooling
  • Manual belt centering
Technical specifications
Grinding stone
Ø 350 mm
Grinding head speed
30 - 150 rpm
Usable coating
30 mm (QATM grinding stone)
Sample holder-Ø
160-204 mm
Controlled removal measurement (display accurancy)
0.1 mm
Connection power
7.0 kVA
Drive power grinding head
0.17 kW S1
Drive power grinding stone
4.0 kW S3/60%
Grinding stone speed
1390 rpm (400 V, 50 Hz (3Ph/N/PE)) / 1700 rpm (480 V, 60 Hz (3Ph/PE)) / 1695 rpm (220 V, 60 Hz (3Ph/PE))
W x H x D
880(1320) x 1330 x 800 mm
~ 230 kg

The System Grinder SAPHIR 375 is a solid free-standing unit for effective, plane grinding with a stone.

The grinding head with central pressure is equipped for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, and optimally adjustable with variable speed and pressure. Automatic material removal monitors the removal rate and controls the dressing process.

All relevant parameters can be displayed, adjusted and saved via the clear touch-screen interface. A recirculating coolant system is integrated into the modular type aluminium construction.

Key features

  • Floor model face-grinding machine with Rubin 530 with central pressure
  • Grinding head with variable speed
  • Controlled removal
  • Automatic, interval-controlled dressing
  • Touch screen user interface

Machines and equipment for the materialographic laboratory.

Whatever you need for quality testing and material analysis, QATM has it all: As a manufacturer of high-quality machines for materialography (metallography) and hardness testing, we offer the most comprehensive solution for your needs. We not only supply a wide range of instruments but also accessories, consumables, complete laboratories and tailor-made special-purpose solutions.

We aim for highest quality

Quality is actually part of the name QATM! Our innovative cut-off machines, mounting presses, grinders, polishers/electrolytic etchers, as well as hardness testers and analysis systems provide maximum reliability and flexibility. The R&D departments for hard- and software work in close cooperation with our customers to ensure continuous optimization of our products. QATM is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015 to make sure our internal procedures for conception, development, purchasing, sales and service are efficient and in accordance with our high standards.

Customers all over the world appreciate QATM’s extensive sales and service network as well as the direct communication with our experts. The comprehensive expertise and creativity of our qualified staff are the basis for the consistent high quality of our solutions.