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The new Disi AutoSense™ from Teledyne Hanson Research delivers fully automated disintegration testing in compliance with USP <701> and <2040> and their harmonized EP and JP methods. Designed for precision, productivity, and ease‐of‐use, the Disi AutoSense™ provides a fast, maintenance‐free solution for disintegration labs conducting tests in new product development and batch/lot manufacturing facilities. Available in two-position and four-position models, each position can be programmed and operated independently, allowing up to four different products to be tested simultaneously.

Available models

Sophisticated AutoSense technology automatically detects the disintegration of each tablet. Through the principle of magnetic induction, a copper ring built into the disk placed above each tablet enables instantaneous tracking of changes in product height during each stroke. A special sensor built into the base of the SmartBasket assembly continuously measures the temperature of the disintegration medium. At 100% disintegration the system senses completion and automatically lifts the basket out of the beaker. Temperature and percent disintegration are displayed on the computer screen in real time while being automatically stored in the database for later retrieval and reporting in table and graphical formats.

Designed for accuracy, intelligent automation, and high productivity, the SmartBasket connects and disconnects instantly by means of a magnetic coupling that aligns itself automatically to the center line of each beaker. The system requires no tools and no manual adjustment of the basket position. The highly sophisticated electronics built into the SmartBasket assembly are protected by a watertight, corrosion‐resistant construction that allows for fast, easy cleaning and low maintenance.

The AutoSense system is controlled by Windows‐based client/server software. The audit trail automatically generated by the system will assist in complying with 21 CFR Part 11, without the need for special training or manual intervention. Each product tested can be traced via its batch ID number. User permissions and security settings are highly configurable and recorded by the software. Standard tablets, capsules, and special products with multi‐stage disintegration are all accurately monitored and documented. Teledyne Hanson’s precision beakers, manufactured to tightly controlled tolerances, are optimized for ease of compliance with USP guidelines.

Disi AutoSense disintegration tester

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