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Colloid Metrix - Zeta Potential & Particle Charge - Stabino® II

The most important parameters for determining the stability of dispersions are the zeta potential and the particle charge density. Even small changes in these parameters, as they occur in the formulation and preparation of dispersions, can lead to destabilization. The selective determination of the zeta potential on diluted samples allows only vague statements about the influence of the individual process additives on the stability of the formulations. The Stabino® II measures either the zeta or flow potential (streaming current potential). Conductivity, pH value and temperature are determined simultaneously. In contrast to the commonly used measuring instruments, which are based on an optical measurement of the zeta potential,theStabino®II canalsocontinuouslymeasurethedispersionstabilityon concentrated (up to 40 % by volume) and sedimenting (from 0.3 nm to 300 μm) samples during a titration. This allows specific statements to be made about the influence of the individual additives on stability and saves time during formulation.

Technical specifications

Measurement principle Zeta streaming potential
Size range 0.3 nm - 300 μm
Measurement period Potential from 10 sec. Titration 5 - 10 min.*
Potential ±3000 mV
Mobility Max. 14 (μm/s)/(V/cm)
Reproducibility: - Zeta potential 2% with standard dispersion
pH-range 1 to 14
Temperature range 0°C - 90°C
Conductivity up to 350 mS cm-1
Sample concentration up to 40 vol.%*
Sample volume from 950 μL**
Sample type polar / aquaeous
Titration: End points pH, zeta potential, conductivity, volume and time
Dimensions (WxHxD) 180x300x260
Weight 8 kg
Power supply 100 - 240 V

Particle Size and Zeta Potential measurement with StabiSizer DUO

Introduction to the StabiSizer DUO analyzer from Colloid Metrix GmbH. The StabiSizer DUO is a combination of the Stabino II and NANO-flex II instruments.

Colloid MetrixWith a focus on the two areas of application, technically in the Colloid Metrix and clinically in the Particle Metrix, the founders, Margret Böck and Dr. Hanno Wachernig, set a clear signal both inwards and outwards. Here innovations have matured, which offer a high customer benefit in the respective area and therefore deserve increased attention.