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Lissmac Deburring machine SBM-XS G1E1

Product Introduction

LISSMAC systems for metal processing set benchmarks in innovative sheet metal processing of small parts through highly-effective, two-sided deburring and uniform edge rounding of punched, laser and fine plasma cut workpieces using only one work process. Unlike grinding machines, SBM-XS win over customers with more efficient processing work savings of up to 60%.

Product description

With a magnetic table designed for part dimensions of 25 x 25 x 1 mm up to maximum 200 x 200 x15 mm (geometry-dependent). With vacuum table for part dimensions of 45 x 45 x 1 mm up to maximum 200 x 200 x15 mm (geometry-dependent)

  • Time consuming turn-over of parts with a second pass is not necessary
  • Swinging away of the innovative turning station makes it possible to deburr parts longer than 200 mm
  • A higher level of automation ensures an economic and reliable deburring process, also for large quantities of parts
  • A high and sustainable deburring quality.
  • Dry deburring process (no chemical additives as used in tumblers)
  • Small parts are returned to the front of the machine and gathered in a box. No extra walking back and forth for the operator.
  • Energy-efficient
  • The deburring process ensures an even wear of the belt and brushes across the entire width of the machine
  • Fast and simple tool Change
  • Simple and intuitive operation of the machine
  • Modern, compact machine design

Technical specifications

SBM-XS 300 G1E1
Working width 300 mm (12 inch)
Workable material thickness 1 - 15 mm (0.04-0.59 inch)
Voltage 400 V, 50 Hz / 480 V, 60 Hz
Network structure 3~ PEN / 3~ PE+N
Nominal current 8 A / 9 A
Nominal power 5 kW / 6,5 kW
Insulation class IP 42
Feed speed 0 - 2 m/min. (0-6.6 ft/min)
Setting part thickness electric
Setting Tools manual
Weight approx. 1375 kg (3031 lbs)
Dimensions (W/L/H) approx. 1300/2300/1900 mm
(51/91/75 inch)

*You can contact us for more parameters and product information.

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