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INVAR Boring Machine

Complete and continuous thermal stabilization of the machine by means of a integral isolation of the structures combined with a air conditioning system which keeps them in a constant thermal condition avoiding structural deformations caused by changes of the environmental temperature. The result is a high and continuous accuracy of the machine also with changes of the environmental temperature condition.

External structure independent from the column (shown in black), where are downloaded all forces created by the suspended masses (moving and not such as vertical saddle, ATC, operator platform) attached to the column. This solution avoid any deformation of the column which retains only the main function of vertical guide and reaction to machining operations, reaching very high positioning accuracies.

X-axis moved by means of 4 Torque motors, mounted in two groups placed symmetrically to the column and each group has one motor placed on top of the other which rotate directly the pinions on the rack with electronic preload. The dynamic of the axis is enhanced and the feed gearboxes, generating wear and increase of the plays over the time, are eliminated. The response of the axis comes in real time by not having reduction gearboxes between motor and pinions.

Technical specifications

Longitudinal Travel 6000~30000 mm
Cross Travel 1250~1000 mm
1500~1250 mm
Vertical Travel 3000~6500 mm
Feeds 0~25000 mm/1'
Brushless AC spindle motor 8000•100 Kw
7600•14500 Nm

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ParpasBorn in 1951 as PARPAS Spa, the GRUPPO PARPAS started as a manufacturer of pantograph machine tools, then of copying machines, and now of numeric control milling units. Over the years, accumulating experience in the sector, its ambitions grew and began to devote itself to the production of CNC milling machines. Currently PARPAS, world market leader in milling and copying of large molds, produces a line of medium-large milling machines with the best technology. Given the initial success, in 1969, ownership decided to set up OMV (Officine Meccaniche Venete) which, since 1972, offered in the market a line of small-medium size machine tools. Originally the proposed range is that of knee-type milling machines, subsequently, in 1974, it mainly directs itself to the production of machine tools featuring stationary bench and movable upright, the first with this particular feature to be built by an Italian company. Today OMV is committed to the realization of high-speed machines that boast, in addition to the working speed, the same precision and flexibility that has always characterized its production. The salient characteristic of PARPAS Group is to build "custom" machine tools, for which design and produce machines on precise specifications of the customer, features well known and recognized worldwide by customers including famous names.
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