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Piller High-pressure deburring JetBooster

Product Introduction

Separate high-pressure generating units for water and cutting oil, capable of raising pressure to between 400 and 1100 bar and suitable for installation in tight spaces. Integral filter systems adapted to individual component requirements, allowing efficient recycling of the processing medium and the removal of dirt particles with a high degree of reliability even in the case of high contamination levels.


Technical specifications

Capacity (length X width, X height) --
Water hardness <50 mg/l
Working temperature ≤42°C
Power Supply 118 kVA
Dimensions of machine tools (length X width, X height) 2x1,35x2,2m³

*You can contact us for more parameters and product information.

Key features

  • Minimal space requirements owing to integrated design
  • Long service time thanks to slow-running pumps
  • Complete with safety features, incl. spill trough
  • Highly sensitive diagnostic system
  • Variable positioning in relation to machining unit

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Germany Piller EntgrattechnikIntelligent, energy-optimised and pioneering – this is the best way to describe Piller’s deburring technology for industrial component cleaning. Since its foundation in 1995, Piller Entgrattechnik GmbH, which offers state-of-the-art machinery solutions optimally adapted to the requirements of each individual customer, has been one of the leading specialist providers in the field of industrial high-pressure blasting technology using water, cutting oil and cooling lubricant. By means of patented processes, the water or cutting oil jet is targeted with a pressure of up to 1100 bar (high pressure) directly at the workpieces requiring treatment, in order to remove burrs, chips and other impurities. From our business location in Ditzingen/Baden-Württemberg, our machines for cleaning industrial components are shipped all over the world to customers in a wide range of industries – including automobile and hydraulic engineering, pneumatic engineering and medical technology.
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