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HPx High-Pressure Dispensing Tool easily apply precise amounts of thick assembly fluids like epoxies and medical-grade adhesives through dispense tips as small as 0.004” with Nordson EFD HPx™ dispensing tools. Featuring a unique design, HPx tools increase the pressure inside disposable syringe barrels up to seven times. Designed to work with Nordson EFD air-powered dispensers, they produce a maximum dispensing pressure of 700 psi. Increase yields and produce better quality parts in less time, while minimizing the risk of repetitive stress injuries.




  • Lightweight, ergonomic aluminum hand piece
  • Low level fluid indicator for syringe barrel replacement notification
  • Built-in wrench for easy tip installation/removal

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Part Numbers

HPx High-Pressure Dispensing Tool HPx High-Pressure Dispensing Tool HPx High-Pressure Dispensing Tool
Part # Part # Part #
7023590 7023590 7023590
7015289 7015289 7015289
7012598 7012598 7012598

Available models


  • HP3cc : Uses a 3cc syringe and produces up to 700 psi (48.2 bar) of dispensing pressure.
  • HP5cc : Uses 5cc Nordson EFD syringe barrels and pistons, and produces a maximum pressure of 400 psi (27.6 bar).
  • HP10cc : Uses a larger capacity 10cc syringe and produces up to 400 psi (27.6 bar) of dispensing pressure.

Both models are compatible with small gauge Optimum® dispense tips and syringe barrels for convenient fluid management.

Nordson EFDNordson EFD is a division of Nordson Corporation, which is a global manufacturer of industrial equipment and technology solutions. Nordson EFD provides precision fluid dispensing solutions to make the products you use every day. We are a world-leading designer and manufacturer of precision dispensing and fluid packaging systems that apply accurate, consistent amounts of the adhesives, sealants, lubricants, and other assembly fluids used in virtually every manufacturing process. From the mobile device in your pocket to the LiDAR sensors in your car, and even life-saving medical devices, our solutions touch lives.