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Nordson Electronics Solutions introduces its PD Series Plasma Deposition Systems family, which uses plasma polymerization to deposit thin films uniformly during precision manufacturing and assembly processes to change the surface characteristics of a substrate. Plasma deposition can be used for applications in a wide range of industries, including medical, life sciences, industrial, semiconductor, MEMS, plastics, and electronics.

The PD Series for plasma deposition uses a gas vapor or heated liquid monomer vapor delivery system to deposit coatings that can reduce, and in certain cases eliminate, tackiness, provide a tie layer, make surfaces more slippery or resistant to corrosion, act as a drug enhancement or inhibition agent in life sciences applications, and change desired surfaces from hydrophobic to hydrophilic or vice versa. Polymers can be directly attached to a desired surface while the chains are growing, which reduces the steps necessary for other coating processes such as grafting. This is very useful for pinhole-free coatings of 100 picometers to 1 micrometer thickness with solvent insoluble polymers.

Key Features

  • Low-temperature processing because plasma energy is the catalyst for film growth.

  • Plasma deposition is uniform and applies coatings evenly over curved or varied-level surfaces.
  • Precise control of film thickness.
  • Eliminates wet chemistry. Because polymers are deposited directly from the monomer, there are no waste streams due to wet chemical synthesis or solvents.
  • Exhibits similar properties to those created via standard chemical polymerization techniques.
  • Can be used in multiple steps during device manufacture: pre-treat the surface, deposit material, and apply functionalized polymer films.

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Technical Specification

PD 1000 PD 1500 PD Pro
W x D x H - Footprint: 1136W x 1186D x 1890H mm
(44.7W x 46.7D x 74.4H in.)
1581W x 1303D x 2407H mm
(62W x 51D x 95H in.)
1652W x 1939 D x 2502H mm
(65W x 76.25D x 98.5H in.)
Net Weight 485 kg (1069 lbs) 921 kg (2030 lb) 485 kg (1069 lbs)
Maximum Volume 127 liters (7774 in³) 127 liters (7774 in³) 0.86 m³ (30 ft³)
Variable Electrode Configurations Power-Ground, Ground-Power, Power-Power Power-Ground, Ground-Power, Power-Power Power-Ground, Ground-Power, Power-Power
Gas Generators Nitrogen, Hydrogen (Requires Additional Non-Optional Hardware) Nitrogen, Hydrogen (Requires Additional Non-Optional Hardware) Nitrogen, Hydrogen (Requires Additional Non-Optional Hardware)
Facilities Chiller, Scrubber Chiller, Scrubber Chiller, Scrubber

For further details, please refer to enclosed brochure.

  • Polymers, Plastics and Rubbers
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
Nordson Electronics SolutionsNordson Electronics Solutions is a leading provider of plasma processing technology to various industries such as semiconductor, PCB, microelectronics, solar, LED, and medical & life science device manufacturing. The company has global presence with offices and labs in several locations including California, Florida, Europe, Singapore, China, Japan, Korea, India and Taiwan. Nordson Electronics Solutions has been continuously innovating for more than two decades and offers a range of patented plasma processing systems that have won awards. The company also has a team of expert scientists and engineers to help develop plasma processes that enhance product reliability and production yields.