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This machine is a budget solution for anyone who does not expect to clean PCBAs on daily basis. Typically Research and Development centres, prototyping, start-ups and very low volume producers would find this machine sufficient to achieve great results.

Application: Standard SMD Assemblies. 
Capacity: Small Volume
Contamination Solubility: Easy to Moderate

Key Features

  • Uses self- rinsing cleaning agents – no waste water problems from rinse
  • Motor-driven spray-arms rotate simultaneously. Cleaning without risk of damage even to very thin and fine stencil
  • Safety clutch and rotation monitoring of spray manifolds assures safe process and protection of stencil against damage from incorrectly placed stencils
  • Spray chamber equipped with special automatically controlled exhaust/inlet air flaps. Hermetically closed during spray
  • Efficient drying with hot air circulation and controlled ventilation through exhaust/inlet air flaps
  • Compact design with very small floor space requirement
  • Easy transport even through 80 cm doors

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Technical Specification


MiniSWASH II (open loop)

MiniSWASH II (closed loop)


Number of cleaning phases 2 3 3 3
Washing, heating max. 60 °C max. 60 °C max. 60 °C max. 60 °C
Rinsing N Tap water DI water DI water
Drying max. 90 °C max. 90 °C max. 90 °c max. 90 °c
Mechanical filtration (Cleaning) 20", 5 m 20", 5 um 20", 5 um 20", 5 um
Mechanical filtration (Rinsing) N 10", 5 um 10", 1 um
10", 5 um
10", 1 um
(10", 5 um)
Chemical filtration (1st, Rinse loop) N N Activated carbon, Mixbed Activated carbon, Mixbed
Machine dimensions
WxL× Hmm
W-left/right, L-front/rear
1600 × 800 × 1200 mm
height 1600 mm with exhaust ventilator or signal tower
1600 × 800 × 1200 mm
height 1600 mm with exhaust ventilator or signal tower
1600 × 1400 × 1200 mm
height 1600 mm with exhaust ventilator or signal tower
1600 × 1400 × 1200 mm
height 1600 mm with exhaust ventilator or signal tower
Machine weight (without liquid) 220 kg 250 kg 350 kg 450 kg
Maximum power input 5,3-9,4 kVA 10,2-10,6 kVA 10,2-10,6 kVA 10,2-10,6 kVA
Machine noise level LAeg <70 dB LAeg <70 dB LAeg <70 dB LAeg <70 dB

For further details, please refer to enclosed brochure.


Cleaning Technology

Cleaning quality requires perfect filtration and minimal cross contamination.  Every PBT cleaning machine uses separated closed loop with dedicated pump and filtration system for each individual process step.


Machine washes parts by rotating spray system with the water based cleaning agent in a fully closed loop through complete mechanical filtration.

First Rinse

Machine performs first rinse down to required conductivity level using 16L carbon and mixbed filters.

Second Rinse

Machine performs second rinse with high purity deionized water down to the required conductivity. It reclaims water continuously through 25L carbon and mixbed filters.


Machine dries parts by convection hot air oven system.


MiniSWASH integrated slide-in clamping system holds one PBT standard cleaning frame.

Single Set

Single Set

For small volume cleaning of any-size PCBAs or mechanical parts in baskets.

Process Control

Cleaning process is sensitive to many variables.

Rotating Spray

Rotating Spray

Rotating spray offers very good cleaning results. Constant speed synchronized rotation assures great results repeatability.

Rotating Air Knife

Rotating Air Knife

Air Knife removes droplets and transfers heat directly to the parts, which significantly accelerates drying.

Adaptive Rinse Control

The rinse water conductivity is monitored by PBT Works conductivity sensor. Machine automatically adjust rinse time according to water quality values.

Chemical Filtration

Chemical Filtration

Machine has 2-stage closed loop rinse water filtration. Compact solution for small volume cleaning.

MiniSWASH II (closed loop)

High Performance Cleaning

Perfect result of PCBA cleaning requires short but powerful spray technology and rapid but thorough drying.

MiniSWASH I & MiniSWASH II (open loop)

Liquid Pressure Monitoring

The pressure on the spray nozzles is continuously monitored by the control system. Values out of range typically indicates mechanical filter to be exchanged, or nozzles to be reviewed.

Programming and Data Capture

Perfect cleaning result requires detailed programing, quick visual and parametric evaluation of the entire process.

Intuitive Programming

HMI is PLC controlled for easy programming and display of all process parameters. Each process step may have up to five sub steps for more precise setting on challenging cleaning tasks.

Illuminated Chamber

Illuminated Chamber

Programming, monitoring and optimizing the cleaning process are easy due to big glass door and illuminated chamber. Process Parameters Traceability file contains all set to real process parameters and messages. Handheld 2D/barcode reader can be used for product assignment to the Traceability file and for automatic cleaning program selection.


Intuitive Programming

Basic Frame for PCBA

Standard PBT clamping frame for PCBA cleaning. Allows simple reloading directly on the machine.

PCBA Slide-In Slots

Special plastice slide-in slots for quick reloding. Perfect for high volume cleaning of the same sized PCBAs.

PCBA Horizontal Bars with Springs

Special springs for clamping PCBAs with perfectly balanced grip force.

PCBA Basket

PCBA Basket

Various sizes of precise welded baskets. Basic positioning solution for any part to clean.

Usable Space

Usable Space

Maximal usable space for cleaned parts including specifically selected clamping.


MiniSWASH - Rotating Air Knife Technology

MiniSWASH - Rotating Direct Spray Technology

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
PBT WorksPBT Works s.r.o. is a new name with old history. PBT Works have manufactured our first cleaning machines and simple table top printers already in 1992 as a subsidiary of Swiss commercial company PBT AG Zollikon – our company PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o. Today, PBT Works ranks among the world’s most known manufacturers of cleaning technology for electronic assemblies and tooling. PBT Works have our strong design and development team. This is why we keep up with necessary process innovations in microelectronic assembly. Our second program, design and production of off-line paste printers for SMT application is always active and with more than 2000 installations worldwide we belong amongst the well accepted manufacturers of this technology.